EU, UNDP capacitate High Court

EU, UNDP capacitate High Court
EU, UNDP capacitate High Court

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The High Court welcomed the donations in the form of printers, shredders and computers worth M170 000 from the European Union (EU) and the United Nations

Development Programme (UNDP) on Monday this week. This was done under the initiative project to assist the High Court to try ongoing “high profile” cases which are prosecuted following the recommendations by the Southern Africa

Development Community (SADC)’s commission in 2016 which resulted in political unrest which prevailed in 2014. The project is aimed to see the attainment of “impartial, efficient and expeditious disposal of

high-profile security related criminal cases for enhance[ment] [of] stability in Lesotho”. Speaking at the handover ceremony held at the Palace of Justice, the EU Ambassador to Lesotho

Dr. Christian Mahahl expressed comfort that the “high profile” cases are being tried adding that he hopes they are completed. He, however mentioned that the EU sponsored programme is coming to an end in a couple of months.

The UNDP Resident Representative Betty Wabunoha said the symbolic equipment demonstrated their UNDP support of the Judiciary. Wabunoha said rule of law is essential for realisation of human rights and eradication of poverty

among others. She said it fosters development by providing access to justice. “In order for rule of law to sustain development outcomes, it must ensure protection for all human

rights including economic, social and cultural life and the life to development,” she said. Appreciating the gesture, the Chief Justice (CJ) Sakoane Sakoane said the EU and UNDP are

“dependable” partners. Taking stock of the ongoing “high profile cases”, he said no one makes a problem in the country but

once there are problems the political class go out of the country to outsource help. “I guess we have no choice because we are the ones who said we need international assistance,” he said adding that the current situation playing out is on account of the political class.

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