Farmers are trained to lift themselves out of poverty through poultry farming

Farmers are trained to lift themselves out of poverty through poultry farming
Farmers are trained to lift themselves out of poverty through poultry farming

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Farmers in Maseru and its environs were graduated by TKM Agricultural Solutions after being trained to lift themselves out of poverty through poultry and poultry farming last Friday in Ha-Matala.

The week-long workshop was organized by Maranatha Church and is hosted by TKM Agricultural solutions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lesotho flour Mills among others. On behalf of Lesotho Flour Mills Mr Lereko Koloti thanked the Maranatha church for uniting farmers with the help of TKM.

He said as a large mill they provided education on proper nutrition to feed the chickens, to hear from the farmers how they were handling and to prepare the farmers so that the farmers would know what kind of food the main mill produced.

. Koloti said they are grateful for the relationships they already have with the farmers since the training.

On behalf of the new participants (Farmers) Pastor ‘Matumisang Mahase said they had learned an important lesson and compared it to the book of Genesis which God said man should preserve nature.

He explained that after the course, they would be more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Reverend Mahase said the training was important because they were taught about chicken from the time they built it, maintained it and sold it.

He went on to say that the money in the Bible came from a fish, nowadays it comes from a chicken. The pastor said they would be able to send their children to school and pay taxes on chicken money.

He appealed to TKM Agricultural Solutions to bring this chicken education all over the country, and to reach the mines of Lesotho so that the country can be free from poverty.

Poultry farmer Ms ‘Mathuso Jabafu said after the training that opened her eyes, she was moving forward with knowledge and she learned that to be ahead, they need to produce more and market their products.

He explained that they had learned how to slaughter chickens properly, poultry diseases and medicine and to keep financial books. He also appealed to the government to close the poultry imports, feed and trade the poultry produced by Basotho.

Former participant Ms ‘Madora Molapo said she has been a student of the past and has learned a lot. He recalled the pre-training period, where Maranatha parishioners had raised broilers and died largely.

Molapo said they suffered a lot as they had no knowledge of broilers. They claim to have tried another breed and raised hens, and the males have been ostracized because they have been plagued by ignorance about them.

He explained that they had learned that they could take their chickens to the kraal when they registered with TKM Agricultural solutions and they were slaughtered for the market.

Representative of Maranatha Mamoruti church ‘Manapo Leteka says Acts 4:32 speaks of unity and love of believers. He said they had problems with their poultry farm meeting, saying that once they had divided the money some would have disappeared.

One believer encouraged them to start with a course that would strike them to know about chicken. ‘Pastor Leteka told us as a church to focus on not only spiritual matters but also mental matters.

TKM Agricultural Solutions Director Tsiu Malefane described TKM as a Basotho children’s company whose aim is to educate farmers on poultry and egg farming education.

He said the country was overwhelmed by the need for jobs, so they encouraged and trained farmers to create jobs for themselves through poultry production, and to find a market in the country, without having to buy poultry from abroad.

Malefane also claims that farmers are losing their chickens to disease due to lack of knowledge. Trained farmers from Maseru and surrounding areas to Mantshonyane.

He said they were working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and called on the department to identify where farmers could sacrifice and access the market.

TKM Agricultural Solutions senior consultant Mr Malefetsane Nkhabu said they were very happy to make a difference in the lives of farmers. He said people are not self-reliant, which in turn helps to prevent harassment in all its forms.

He urged farmers to avoid unsavory practices as some people are famous for designing but implementation becomes a hindrance. The Department of Agriculture’s Animal Husbandry, Ms Maphakiso Lelula, said she was happy to see the majority of the students as ‘M’.

He explained that life is agriculture, and that farmers can raise their children and send them to school with that money. Lelula explained that the department is in the process of taking up a list of poultry farmers to build a poultry farm.

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