Food Bank Lesotho feeds Saints on the street


The Food Bank of Lesotho (Food Bank) has launched a campaign to feed homeless poor people on Maseru Street on days chosen by the organization.

According to one of the members of the organization, Mr Helpo Leina, their aim is to help all homeless children and the needy living on the streets of Maseru and to show them personal interest in food.

He explained that they launched the project for the first time on May 28 where the aim was to feed the homeless, to celebrate World Hunger Day, to introduce the Food Collection Organization to those who will benefit from it. it and getting information on various reasons that remove people from their homes and place them on the street in the town of Maseru.

He said they came out of the study campaign before embarking on the process where it came to their notice that most of the people living on the streets of Maseru were male and female equal to the number of mothers. those who are older are more likely to have mental health problems.

“We have realized that these people we do not care about in our communities, we are back to being their victims of crime in the city this evening, which is why we took the initiative to alleviate their problems by saying no. and that when they are homeless, they should just get food as the hungry star has no ear, and we sincerely hope that this will reduce their involvement in crime, ”said Mr Leina.

He said that’s where they found that most of the reasons they found were based on family problems such as poverty and conflict.

Mr. Leina also pointed out that they learned that those face challenges such as; hunger, cold, abuse, cold, and social harassment and end up sponsoring ways to solve those problems.

Mr Leina said the organisation’s work was accelerated by donors and volunteers who came with food to supplement the collection and help distribute it to the needy on the street during the campaign as the organization continued to grow and prosper.


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