Hiking rejuvenates people’s mindset- Phera

Hiking rejuvenates people’s mindset- Phera
Hiking rejuvenates people’s mindset- Phera

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Lesotho Mountain Adventures Coordinator, Pheko Phera has encouraged Basotho to start mountain hiking for the wellbeing of their mental health. Phera started a group of adventurers with a small number of participants early this year and he is amazed by the steady growth of the group. With approximately 35 hikers

now, his initiative accommodates all age groups excluding the 15 year olds downwards. He acknowledged mountain hiking as the key role which improves and retains people’s health and the only thing that keeps them sane because of its decent therapy, which changes individual’s mindset from negativity to positivity.

“We started mountain hiking in March 2020 with a few people and later broadened by going

to the nearby mountains around Mafeteng district to learn about the challenges that people can come across during hiking. After this research, we resumed the

invites and raised awareness of the significance of hiking,” said Phera. He further noted that they ensure that they engage with people who are physically

and mentally fit to align with their motto which says, “Fitness and therapy”. “So far we have visited various mountains like Thaba-Tšoeu, Maboloka, Qalabane and

Boleka to mention a few. In every mountain we pay a visit to, we name it the reviving topics that we are going to discuss on that particular day such as

peace, hope and dignity with the sense of bringing optimistic to change people’s lives, connect with new friends, people with different view point and

also renew them spiritually, mentally and physically,” Phera explained. The intention of these walks as indicated by the host, Phera, is to make easier for

the people to maintain body fitness and good health. He stipulated that through these tours he learned that people’s walking paces differ and this portrays

their achievements through the patience they have to finally end the ride. “The most important thing is not to complete the tour but to consider and overcome

the destination’s obstacles one came across along the way of the mountain adventure so that the progress made will count to one’s happiness,” he said, adding that,

“after the trip we act accordingly to interrogate the participants about their achievements on the trek and one would say he or she was afraid of the hikes and now have overcome fear of the heights or was very shy and unable

to disclose life’s difficulties and now is free to share with other people,” he claimed. Mountain Adventures participant Hlompho Ramalefane in an exclusive interview with Informative

Newspaper said her first time to hike started the day they went to Makena Mountain. “It was very difficult because I was afraid of the heights but the body and the mind get used to it.

I love hiking so much, it was so scary climbing the mountains but it helped me build my self-confidence which helps me to be unafraid of taking risks in life.

Mountain hiking is like a life journey, every challenge you face when climbing a mountain is the same challenge you face in real life situation,” Ramalefane stated.

She added saying, “when climbing the mountain with the aim to get on top, you meet the challenges along the way and the first question you have to ask is how can I afford it instead of saying, I cannot afford it”. Ramalefane also picked that hiking is a platform that allows one to exercise their mind.

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