IACOV engages Journalists in Climate Change talks

IACOV engages Journalists in Climate Change talks
IACOV engages Journalists in Climate Change talks

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Improving Adaptive Capacity of Vulnerable and Food Insecure Populations in Lesotho (IACOV) has consulted the journalists to get their views on how best to work together, in a quest to raise awareness on Climate

Change and Environmental Protection last Friday. Speaking at the event, IACOV Communications Officer Rorisang Kurubally said the aim of the meeting was to find out from Journalists, how best they can work together with IACOV to disseminate climate change awareness information to the nation as they are on the forefront.

Kurubally also indicated that IACOV has three components which are Early Warning Systems, Communications and Resilience respectively. The Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil

Conservation Communications Officer Lerato Loke disclosed that the ministry, as one of the partners working with IACOV, is eager to hear from the media, their

views on how climate change awareness information can best reach everyone in the country. Among issues raised by Journalists were: frequent climate change reporting trainings so that they are knowledgeable

about climate change issues, thus pass the correct quality information to the public. Another issue they agreed on was of forming a club of climate change

reporters, which is open to all interested climate change reporters and will work towards raising climate change awareness through various platforms and

forms of messages. One of the Journalists who attended the meeting, from Moeletsi oa Basotho Newspaper Nthabeleng Seitlheko applauded IACOV for engaging Journalists in this climate change talk.

She opined that as Climate Change Reporters, they need frequent trainings so that they are knowledgeable and up to date about climate change thus pass the correct information to the

public. “Climate change education should be given high priority by everyone as it affects everyday life. It would really be good to hear Politicians indicate their stance on how they are going to address climate

change as they are currently presenting their political parties manifestos. We are also excited and looking forward to the Press Club we agreed on as Reporters,” Seitlheko highlighted.

IACOV is a four year (2019-2023) project supported by Adaptation Fund, executed by the Lesotho Meteorological Services (LMS) and the Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation as executive

entities, while the United Nations World Food Programme operates as the implementing entity to provide technical backstopping among other key functions

to ensure effective implementation of the project. The project aims to strengthen capacity of the Government of Lesotho and Basotho to adapt to climate change by improving early

warning, early action systems, profound awareness raising as well as ensuring social behavioural change, to empower communities to plan and implement and to empower

communities to undertake community-based planning processes that facilitate implementation of appropriate resilience building and adaptation interventions that generate sustainable asset ensuring income diversification and market access.

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