Kabi’s cables

Kabi’s cables
Kabi’s cables

Africa-Press – Lesotho. YOU should have been at the All Basotho Confusion’s conference to witness how Mr Softie’s jaw dropped when he lost the leadership race to Nkaku Kabi. By the time he gathered it from the concrete floor, it had been crushed.

He reluctantly wore it back and attempted a smile that turned out to be a frown. That which he had always feared had happened. Kabi, the man he had kicked out of the cabinet a few weeks ago, had just become his boss.

He has himself to blame for underestimating Kabi. He now has to hastily pack his ha re eng Thaba Tseka while Kabi stands by the door, barking at him to make it pronto.

Muckraker has always warned Mr Softie to keep his bags packed for this moment. He however became too comfortable and even befriended the rats at the State House.

He forgot that he was a placeholder and began kicking his friends in the teeth. Kabi is still nursing the wounds that Mr Softie inflicted on him a few weeks ago.

It was a Kung Fu kick delivered with the fury of a desperate man. You know the thundering kick of a cornered coward. An uppercut that should have knocked Kabi cold.

But instead of licking his wounds, he picked himself up and returned to the ring. We all know what happened in the second round. The bird now has the catapult and the herd boys are scurrying in the village.

The bird is Kabi, the catapult is his new-found power and the herd boys are Mr Softie and his people. Only the uninitiated will believe the pathetically choreographed press conference on Wednesday night.

Kabi pretended that he was not interested in being prime minister now while Majoro strenuously tried to give the impression that he was ready to vamoose. The two were terrible actors in a badly scripted drama. The contempt between the two was so apparent that it could be cut with a hacksaw.

If Majoro and Kabi are now friends then Lesotho is a province of South Africa, Uncle Tom is still the prime minister and the Feselady can tell us the answer to 99-42 without using a calculator.

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