Kingdom Cake Guru for a better living

Kingdom Cake Guru for a better living
Kingdom Cake Guru for a better living

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Lineo Lichaba has started a baking business, Kingdom Cake Guru, which specializes with baking cookies and cakes. Located at Bereng High School, the business venture was inspired by passion.

“My mother came up with this idea of making cookies. We made a research together and I went to a South African institution for some few lessons. This is where I realized my potential in baking.

The more I baked, was the more I got inspired and I fell in love with it,” said the Founder. Lichaba stated that there is a lot of demand for personalized cakes as people lately

celebrate their different occasions in ‘style’. She makes customized cakes for birthday parties, wedding celebrations and baby showers. “This being a new concept, there are fewer competitors compared to other businesses.

However, it is the kind of business that has a pick-up season, for instance, business picks up in festive and it gets slower in winter season,” she mentioned.

Lichaba noted that she works in a small space which limits her ability to offer some lessons. “Though my work place is small, I am not going to sit back and complain about

the limited space, I intend to have a huge, fully equipped cake studio with hands on support staff. This kind of business requires dedication and patience

as most of the skills take time to master. This therefore means that there is a lot of trial and error involved,” she indicated. Now a member of Finite Magazine Lifestyle Club, Lichaba said she learnt about

the club from a Finite Magazine Sales Consultant, who shared about the amazing opportunities for business development and networking. “I am very positive that

it is going to work wonders for me. For those of you who have interest in baking, I would advise you to start with what you have on the table and go for basic lessons locally and internationally. Visit the internet more often for some tutorials,” she concluded.

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