Legal experts analyze the image of agri-business

Legal experts analyze the image of agri-business
Legal experts analyze the image of agri-business

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has convened farmers in their various divisions from the districts and markets in the country to discuss agricultural development issues and to review the legal framework for agribusiness.

This diagram is intended to help create relationships between these sectors to improve domestic and commercial agriculture in order to reduce the rate of imports.

Food and Agriculture Coordinator Ms Debra Pokothoane thanked the farmers for making the agricultural business a reality as it has been tested in many countries and has been successful.

He said the organization, at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in the Department of Advertising, had noticed a gap in market production and as a result, many farmers were no longer producing in large quantities.

for production to exist the market problem exists. “The ministry applied to the organization for financial support for the agribusiness business where there were consultants from inside and outside the country.

The request is that you take this issue seriously as there have been challenges such as Covid-19 disease that could impede existing production in and out of the country, ”he said.

He said it was their desire to see the country return to the old ways of importing its produce and that it was a matter of getting back to work so that when farmers harvested food they were not spoiled and eaten alive.

Mr Lekhooe Makhate, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, said the issue was important because the Basotho were producing a lot of products but said it would be wise to have a product that they are committed to signing with the markets.

they exist in the country as they can have enough energy to produce and it has a lot of money. He said the issue of mass production and competitiveness in the ‘market’ for farmers was important because it had already incorporated marketing opportunities in an acceptable manner and made a steady profit.

He encouraged farmers to sell by signing this agreement as a commitment to take responsibility for producing and selling the goods through agreements between them and the markets.

Agricultural Commercial Coordinator Ms Nothembile Nobala, who announced the launch of the project, said it started last year in June where all stakeholders, such as government officials, facilitators and producers, were invited to discuss the details of the project.

“We have set up committees that will follow up on this process and they will be the committee responsible for legal matters and pastoral planning,” he said.

Nobala said the producers and consumers were entering into agreements all the time but they were not going smoothly and agreed that with this agreement all parties would go the way they had agreed because there was no longer any dispute. they may be.

He said the market department wants the market to be secure as soon as the market is available, so there are challenges they have faced as a market department to connect the buyer with the manufacturer where the buyer will show that he has entered into an agreement with another manufacturer.

or the manufacturer does not comply with the supply agreements. Lawyer for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Dr. Lertzadzo Kometsi, in his analysis of the appendix to the agribusiness law, indicated that it was intended to expand the process of entering into agreements as well as the content and structure of producer and market agreements.

He said it could either be verbal or written agreements and have a framework that is acceptable to everyone, especially the courts. He said they must have the necessary elements within every agreement relating to agricultural trade.

“Among other things, this picture will set the stage for the registration of agricultural trade agreements. He will explain the responsibilities of the parties to the agreement in accordance with their legal obligations.

It will also support and empower women who have entered into agreements and those who have not entered into the support they receive and resolve disputes that will go to the mediator before they go to court, ”she said. and he put them on.

Kometsi went on to show that the image is divided into 11 sections, including introductory ones, people responsible for agricultural management business, people who want to enter into agreements with people who will deal with content and plans for those legal agreements.

Moreover, the farmers seemed very satisfied, concluding with a demonstration of the law encouraging them as from the beginning, they had been self-employed without proper legal knowledge.

Farmers have asked the authorities to help them get this image passed in front of the House of Representatives before they start the summer farming process as well as the agricultural strategy to make it easier.

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