Lesotho is digitally one step ahead

Lesotho is digitally one step ahead
Lesotho is digitally one step ahead

Africa-PressLesotho. The launch of The App Guide by the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) is a manifest of corporation’s passion regarding digital transformation.

Yesterday, LTDC Chief Executive, Mr Mpaiphele Maqutu launched the application created to access and stimulate tourist interest to Lesotho at Maseru Border Post.

The tourism marketing body was concurrently also launching September as the Tourism Month. It is themed: ‘Tourism and Digital Transformation. ’ Maqutu said the application can easily be downloaded on smartphones and then be a reliable source for tourism various aspects of information.

He said a stranger who does not know about Lesotho can obtain all information through the application. Should the tourism business be successful in Lesotho, he said the prevailing joblessness will be addressed since the government has declared tourism as a priority sector to prosper the country.

Meanwhile, Acting Minister of Tourism, Hon Temeki Tšolo said the use of technology innovation is key to market the industry and called for due infrastructure facilities to be in place.

He said a modern tourist is likely to capture photos and produce some videos which will market the country further. He said Basotho should as well actively engage on domestic tourism so to grow the industry from within.

Himself he promised to visit tourism spots. The application was developed by Titan Tech and Business Solutions, an information technology business and consulting company.

Its Chief Technical Officer, Mr Tlhohonolofatso Rasephei, told Informative on the sidelines of the launch that the idea behind is to advance tourism to modern ways of marketing.

He demonstrated to reporters how user friendly the application is. For instance, the user will be able to follow the map from his location to the desired destination.

It is able to give all routes options to choose the most suitable. Banks, Police stations, health centres and the likes which may be a necessity in one way or another are also on display.

Booklets and pamphlets were freely given. The minister was privileged to give the public some to motorists crossing from Lesotho to South Africa, thereby encouraging them to tour the country at freewill. One reads: “From wherever you are, look up any evening and share in nature’s spectacular light show, the world famous Lesotho sunset.”


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