Lesotho needs new blood – MEC

Lesotho needs new blood – MEC
Lesotho needs new blood – MEC

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Movement for Economic Change (MEC) leader, Selibe Mochoboroane maintains that Basotho need to shun the old guard in order for the country to progress forward.

Mochoboroane said this while addressing MEC supporters during a weekend rally held at Lifefo football ground in Ha Thetsane, ahead of next weekend’s snap elections.

Addressing his last rally before elections Mochoboroane said: “We need to win all this constituencies and take power (from the ruling government). We need the changes…we (also) accept what they (current leadership) have done.

But when I come into power, Mosisili and Thabane will be my deputies if we end up having to form a coalition government. ” The Thabana-Morena candidate also insisted that Lesotho needs to follow the path that has been taken by France since it has elected 39 year-old Emmanuel Macron as its president in last month’s presidential elections.

Mochoboroane who is also 39, subscribes to the notion that Lesotho needs to take the same route taken by its French counterparts. Said the former Energy minister: “This is our time; France has done it…we are going to do the same thing.

Meanwhile, MEC literally painted Lifefo football pitch in Thetsane blue on Saturday when it held its closing rally ahead of the June 3 2017 snap elections.

By early Saturday morning, people were already making their way down to the football pitch in great numbers and were entertained by music and dance as they waited to hear the last speech of their leader.

While some wore their blue party t-shirts printed ‘MEC’ and chanted slogans and songs in support of their party’s leadership, some people however, saw the event as a business as they went to the rally to sell their wares and do their day to day street vending.

What mattered however, is that most of the goods and items were also ‘blue’. Those who were vending described the event as a “good time to earn good money” as people randomly buy without considering the prices.

As it is a norm in Lesotho for the leader to arrive later in the afternoon while people awaits for him to arrive, the podium was already set, with chairs, tables and decorations all in blue while waiting for the ‘big boss’ to arrive and deliver his speech.

An indeed, he did arrive. As he came along, people started cheering, singing and dancing with joy. One could tell from their faces that they really have hope that electing him would bring change to their lives. Some actually said this while shouting on top of their voices.

Stepping up at the podium, Mochoboroane started shouting the MEC slogan, “Ke Nako!” much to a loud applause! He told the crowd that MEC was celebrating 126 days in existence as a registered political party and its mandate, which is to deliver services to the people, will be seen soon after the elections as he was sure that they are going to lead the next government.

Mochoboroane therefore urged all his followers and those who believed in his party’s manifesto to go for the elections on Saturday and vote for MEC without hesitation

One of the youths who spokes on the sidelines, Moliehi Lebeko, said she is going to vote for MEC because she had seen Mochoboroane in action while delivering services to the community.

She mentioned that in her village they did not have electricity, but during his tenure as Minister of Energy and Meteorology, he electrified many people’s homes, something that has changed their lives for the better.

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