Letsosa expands the immediate registration of punishments and diseases

Letsosa expands the immediate registration of punishments and diseases
Letsosa expands the immediate registration of punishments and diseases

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Minister of Home Affairs, the Honorable Motlalentoa Letsosa, has inaugurated the registration of diseases and illnesses at St. Joseph’s in Rome on Wednesday.
The registration will help that when the child is born in the hospital, the parent can go with their birth certificate or when someone dies, the family can go with their death certificate.
The Director of the Department of Issuance of Documents in Maseru Mr. Litshwane Keketsi explained that they are waiting for events that happen in the hospital where it is the birth of a child or death in order to issue birth and disease certificates.

He said that people who leave Kubak and Semonkong are now giving birth at the hospital there when they no longer go to Maseru, so there are many incidents that happen there and that is why they found it useful to go and provide services there.

When he inaugurated the registration of births and diseases, Mr. Letsosa pointed out that the machines used there are exactly the same as those used in the main registration center, so there is no reason for people leaving Rome to find themselves going to Maseru register there.

“The first hospital to have these services was Scott Morija, followed by Maluti Adventist Hospital, Queen Mahomato and now today we came to St.

Joseph’s Roma will provide the same services,” he said. He continued that they are guided by the large number of children who appear in those hospitals.

He said that when a child is born, he is registered even if he does not have a name because others are given names already, and when he is given a name, the parent will return to the Ministry to correct the name issue.

He added that this inauguration will help the community of Tloutle and its suburbs as well as the community of Rome. Meanwhile, the Minister of Health Semano Sekatle pointed out that the registration of people, children and society is the beginning and the end of life so it is good for people to register.

He said that there is no plan that can exist if the number of people in the country or in different countries is not known. He encouraged mothers to give birth at the registration centers in order to facilitate the process of registering children so that they can be identified, and fall under the census.

In his thanks, the Director of St. Joseph Mr. Moletsane Moeko pointed out that since the office has been in place, the public has been receiving services quickly without any hindrance.
He went on to say that even if a child is born with an illness problem, such a child will be too light to be transferred to South Africa to receive treatment.

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