Life is not your mother

Life is not your mother
Life is not your mother

Africa-Press – Lesotho. YOU can always count on journalists to mangle ideas and dish them out as stories and analyses. One newspaper recently sprayed readers with some moshed ideas under the guise of a story.

The subject was Thabo Sekonyela’s appointment as government spokesperson. Predictably the story became his age, not his fitness for the job. Faceless sources were wheeled out to pummel what were essentially feelings until they became what the journalist thought were ideas.

We were told of faceless RFP sources whinnying that Sekonyela is not fit for the job because he is supposed to have retired. Another nameless source moaned about the government giving a job to a 59-year-old when there are hoards of unemployed youths.

Those who suspected the journalist could have concocted the so-called sources to vent out their own frustration at the government were probably justified.

Many journalists who appointed themselves cheerleaders for the RFP are getting mental about being kicked further from the crumbs they thought they deserved.

It serves them right. Bootlicking, especially by journalists, should never be rewarded. Still, such vile bitterness is no reason to foist nonsense on readers.

There is no proof that Sekonyela’s age renders him incompetent for the job. He should be judged by his performance, not some inane idea that he has stolen a job that should have been handed to some young person.

Youth is not a qualification. Nor is it synonymous with competence. Some of the most inept people Muckraker has encountered are young. The same goes for mediocre thinkers.

The majority of functionally illiterate people in this country are considered young. Many of the young people working as spokespersons of ministries and departments have no clue about their jobs.

Most cannot spell their names under pressure. Many have neither the will nor the skill to write a simple correct sentence in Sesotho, English or slang.

Their press statements would not pass a mid-term Form E exam. That explains why this government cannot communicate simple things. It mumbles things it should shout.

Its public relations officers hide under rocks in times of crisis. Many don’t even know what is happening in their ministries. Those who know are either too timid to speak or they simply promise to call back and then switch off their phones.

One told Muckraker that she was sleeping at 7pm. Another has a terrible habit of referring everything to his superiors. The other is known for saying “that is news to me” to every question.

Yet another requests written answers and then calls a press conference. There is therefore no evidence that a young person performs better than an old one.

The youth of this country should stop being crybabies. They are not entitled to anything. This country is not their mother. This current generation of so-called youths is probably the worst this country has ever seen.

It thinks posting feelings on social media is being smart. It pretends as if its education is unique and therefore entitles them to jobs and opportunities.

Nyoe, nyoe, we the youth are the future. . . . Blah, blah, blah the youth deserve . . . . Many are always looking for excuses or someone to blame for their misery.

It’s the government, the education system, capitalism etc. They are obsessed with things they cannot afford, from drinks to fashion. They want it all now as if they were sired by some rich folks or have some vulgar inheritance waiting for them.

Spend an hour in their group and you would think their grandfathers invented Lamborghini. They don’t think much, they just feel. Original ideas are some strange things that should not bother their minds.

Yes, there are some smart young people but the majority will sell their mothers for bus fare and a bottle of beer. Many are not the ‘future’ but a problem of this country.

If the youth of this country were so smart this country would not have a single MP over 40. They would elect their peers instead of stuffing parliament with the same grandmothers and grandfathers whose only claim to fame is to snore in parliament. Instead, they elect old people and then wonder why old people are hired. Muckraker’s advice: Keep complaining and see if the old people care.

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