Lijabatho FC coach booted out

Lijabatho FC coach booted out
Lijabatho FC coach booted out

Africa-PressLesotho. Lijabatho has terminated Coach Thabile Secker’s contract with immediate effect on Monday, following a disagreement between him and the management concerning his needs that were not addressed.

The position has been filled in by Charles Manda, the former Matlama Head Coach. In an interview with Lijabatho Communications and Media Manager (CMM) Tšepiso Thoso, Informative Sport learned that

Lijabatho management has agreed to terminate Secker’s contract due to the bone of contention that was experienced between the two parties. Lijabatho management

was willing to work with coach Secker as they asked coach to renew the contact with them but there was no mutual understanding and that urged Secker not to renew

the contract with the team. Thoso further stated that coach Secker has played a major role in making Lijabatho a better team as it is a known fact that Lijabatho is now a senior team because it was promoted from the A Division

league to compete with the big teams in the Vodacom Premier League (VPL). Thoso told Informative Sport that Lijabatho appreciates Secker’s contribution in the team

because he was mostly focused on improving the team as a whole by honing the skills of the players. Thoso indicated that the players were not as competent

before, but as the season progressed, it improved and the team was able to win its games. Lastly Secker, enhanced the confidence and determination of the team

since Lijabatho seems to be competitive in the VPL. Thoso made it clear that the decision to terminate the contract with Secker was not based on poor performance or failure to fulfil the given mandate, but personal needs and

wants that Lijabatho management find it difficult to fulfil as the team is in its infancy stage. Secker guided Lijabatho into the top eight of VPL. In its 11 matches overall, the team won 4 games, drew 4 and

lost 3 matches, it has managed to collect 16 points in all. Thoso stated that Lijabatho management had the official agreement with the former Matlama Head Coach,

Charles Manda who was recently fired by Matlama following the defeat in two consecutive matches against Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) and Linare.

“Charles Manda was officially announced as Lijabatho Head Coach and he has already started the training sessions with the team,” said Thoso.


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