LMPS volley wins pre-season tournament

LMPS volley wins pre-season tournament
LMPS volley wins pre-season tournament

Africa-PressLesotho. Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) volleyball team acquired status of the “new champions” of pre-season volleyball tournament after defeating Red Skins in the final match that was hosted at LMPS volleyball

ground on Sunday. LMPS volleyball team Captain Tšokolo Moloinyane expressed his excitement over the good performance of LMPS in the pre-season tournament.

He clarified that good team spirit, determination and taking instructions from the coach helped them to be at their best and thus the champions of the pre- season.

He further stated that when they were locking horns with Red Skins on the final match, LMPS was more focused and motivated because they were able to use the

home ground advantage which lead to a win. Moloinyane indicated that team work made their work easier as the team was able to defend and attack as one unit.

In an interview with Lesotho Volleyball Association (LVA) Communications and Media Manager (CMM), Hlapane Tšehlo, he disclosed to Informative Sport that the pre-season volleyball tournament was aimed to educate

and inform volleyball players, referees and coaches on how to conduct the games under this ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. Tšehlo specified that the other main

reason to host the tournament was to improve the standard of volleyball in the country following the long term break from volleyball related activities.

LVA Communications and Media Manager further stated that the tournament was not sponsored since it was just a pre-season tournament that was aimed to change the mindset of volleyball players and revive their game spirit.

He said the upcoming tournament will be the King’s birthday volleyball tournament that will be undertaken on July 16-18. “We are looking forward to win this upcoming tournament of King’s birthday

because we are willing to put more effort as to bring the gold medals home, moreover our preparations are more promising this time as compared to the way they were before,” articulated Moloinyane.


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