LNOC develops communication and marketing framework

LNOC develops communication and marketing framework
LNOC develops communication and marketing framework

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC), through its media and marketing department – in collaboration with its National Federations (NFs) Public Relations Officers (PROs) is working on the development of a Communications and Marketing Framework aimed at assisting the organization to position itself in line with its strategic plan. The first session of the initiative was carried out on Saturday in the past week at the organization’s premises at Maseru West, and the last one is scheduled for the following Saturday.

The framework is part of one of the six key focus areas of the 2017 – 2024 Strategic Plan – Customer and Stakeholder Relationship Management. The strategic plan was

developed by the LNOC Board members, members of its secretariat, the presidents and secretaries of NFs, course directors, the representative of government

ministries, media and the sponsors. The LNOC Head of Programmes Pulumo Nchaka told Informative Sport that the process was long overdue since most of their plans were

halted by the Coronavirus pandemic. He indicated that the framework would satisfy its stakeholders since loyalty is one of the most significant aspects in the

execution of the strategies. “This was supposed to have happened in March, but the Coronavirus outbreak, that has plunged the country into unprecedented uncertainties, brought everything to a standstill,” Nchaka said.

“Among other activities, we’re improving our communication – which is a strategic need for the organization since it gives value to the strategies. In

the processes building up to this, we engaged all the relevant stakeholders along with identified individuals. ” Nchaka pointed out that the development process has been divided into two sessions as a precautionary

measure in line with social distancing protocol to curb the spread of the virus. “In a way to observe the safety precautions and guidelines during this pandemic, we had to accommodate a

limited number of the participants by dividing them into two,” he said, adding: “We shall be wrapping up this assignment on Saturday with the last session.

” One of the participants – PRO of Lesotho

Tennis Association (LTA) Mamakebe Moshoeshoe described the process as a once in a lifetime experience in her career. She said she understood every step of the

way and she was able to introspect. “It was such an amazing experience,” said Moshoeshoe. “Although I was able to relate and contribute, the exercise was more of a learning curve for me.

I’ve been in this position (PRO) for about nine months now, but I’ve just learned that there’s a lot I need to explore and improve as an individual aspiring to achieve great things in the

field of communication and marketing. ” The 2017-2024 Strategic Plan was developed to be used as a guiding tool for 8 years. The other key focus areas

in it are as follows: Financial Independence, Good Governance, Olympism, Qualification for the major Games, and Innovation, Learning and Human Capital Management.

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