LPB dismisses fraud allegations

LPB dismisses fraud allegations
LPB dismisses fraud allegations

Africa-PressLesotho. Following the allegations speculated on one of the local newspapers last week stating that the Lesotho Post Bank (LPB) has defrauded a client the sum of M169 000, the LPB management has dismissed those allegations at the

press conference yesterday. LPB Managing Director Molefi Leqhaoe stated that the bank received correspondence from the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) on June 22nd

2021 stating that Bokang Mateyisi the son of Andreas Mateyisi alleged that cash was withdrawn from his account from 2008 to 2021 amounting to M169 000.

“This complaint did not follow the Bank’s complaints procedure, that is, the bank did not receive any complaint from the

customer relating to cash withdrawals amounting to M169 000, it serves to say the customer did not give the bank a chance to investigate and deal with the

complaint but rather decided to lodge the matter with the Central Bank Lesotho and media houses,” Leqhaoe stated. He extended that the bank decided to investigate the allegations and

it was unveiled that all the cash withdrawal vouchers in our possession were signed by the customer, therefore on that basis the transactions were initiated

by the customer. “It is surprising that the customer alleges his funds were withdrawn since 2002 yet he has never reported the matter to the bank or the

police. However the bank has reported the matter to the police to further investigate the customer’s allegation of fraud,” he stated. Prior to this incident, LPB received a complaint from its customer,

Andreas Mateyisi, on April 15th the launch of the complaint followed the Banks’ complaints procedure as prescribed by the CBL as the Regulator of all banks.

Mateyisi said the complaint referred to herein relates to cash withdrawal of M4000. Leqhaoe explained that the bank investigated the complaint and found that indeed the customer’s funds amounting to M4000 were withdrawn by

one of their staff members who worked as a teller at Mapholaneng Branch and the bank refunded the customer and took disciplinary action against the teller who

was later dismissed in May. He furthered that the LPB management wishes to reassure its customers and the public at large that it continues to operate as regulated by

the CBL and that customers’ funds are safe. “The bank has policies and procedures in place to address customers’ complaints and queries, therefore our

customers are encouraged to approach the bank whenever they have complaints through our toll-free number 80099920, social media pages, our branches or the

office of the Managing Director. We appreciate our customer’s confidence and support to the bank. We shall continue to put our customers first and serve them with integrity and professionalism,” he noted.


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