Massive diamond unearthed at Kao

Massive diamond unearthed at Kao
Massive diamond unearthed at Kao

Africa-Press – Lesotho. A pink diamond, named ‘The Pink Eternity, that weighed 47.81 carats was “discovered” at Kao Mine last Monday. Kao Mine boss, Mohale Ralikariki, said this was the first time the mine had discovered such kind of diamond in the history of the mining industry in Lesotho.

Ralikariki said its name, “The Pink Eternity”, means it is forever. “When you look at it, you get this perfect explanation,’’ he said. Ralikariki said the diamond has love that is embedded and sealed for eternity.

He said the diamond is timeless, immortal, destined for an eternity, everlasting and forever beautiful. He said the diamond has since been exported to Belgium where 95 percent of the global supply is being traded.

The diamond will be processed and auctioned in Belgium. Ralikariki said they believe this diamond, due to its unique features, will bring significant amounts of money to the country.

Ralikariki said the discovery of this diamond has come at a very good time when they are still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic shocks. As a result of the pandemic, Ralikariki said even the government is struggling to collect enough money to finance its development projects.

He said the diamond will result in the government getting more revenue through dividends, taxes and loyalty contributions. He said this will enhance Lesotho’s economy.

He said the community will also have a share from the precious stone. Ralikariki said they have a line-up of community projects which need to be financed.

The sale of the diamond is going to help them to top up the investment pool for their community. It is expected that this will also help enable the mine to finance more development projects.

Two Basotho who discovered this precious stone after so many years of mining operations are also going to be considered. “This is a stone for the country and Africa,” Ralikariki said.

He said this diamond will not only result in huge financial benefits to the country but also improve the image of the mining sector in Lesotho. He said the discovery of the diamond has also improved the country’s profile, adding that the discovery is going to make Lesotho more attractive to investors.

Ralikariki said foreign investors will now perceive them as a good investment destination. This will in turn improve Lesotho’s direct foreign investment.

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