Matekane whips dissenters into line

Matekane whips dissenters into line
Matekane whips dissenters into line

Africa-Press – Lesotho. THE Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) leader, Sam Matekane, says dissenting cadres within the party who are pushing for an elective conference have lost focus on the bigger picture.

Matekane was speaking at a rally organised by his party in Maputsoe on Sunday. He said his party does not have time to quarrel over the election of a new national executive committee.

The RFP, he said, wants to focus on implementing the changes he promised Basotho during the election campaign and in his inauguration speech last year.

“Committees are just a waste of time,” Matekane said.

He said the people should instead focus on development projects he is bringing, like the reintroduction of the microchip identification system of livestock.

Matekane said he is going to launch the project in Peka on Sunday. He said his government will give “agriculture top priority”. “I have asked our Minister of Agriculture to engage with the owners of the fields .
. because we want to cultivate all of them,” he said.

“Welcome him and cooperate with him, he will show you how those fields will be used,” he said.

Matekane said this is the time to execute their plans, saying the project will begin next month following the allocation of funds in the national budget.

“This financial year, 2023/24, things will be done,” he said.

“The Ministry of Agriculture’s budget has been made thrice the amount it was because agriculture is the mainstay of the government,” he said.

Matekane said they should focus on making towns livable. “Lights are not working. We have started lighting Maseru and we are about to do this throughout the country.
“Moreover, we had fixed the machines and soon we will be repairing and building the roads. The whole country is going to have machines,” he said.

He invited the people to suggest the kinds of projects the government should help them with. “I remind you that when we founded the RPF, we said it would bring about changes,” Matekane said.

“It does not work like other parties because we are looking at the issues in a different way,” he said.

“We put Lesotho and Basotho first.”

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