Mind thy job

Mind thy job
Mind thy job

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The police this week told the Senate that 622 people have been murdered since January. That is 62 every month or two per day. You can be sure those numbers are either understated, outdated or both.

And of course, only a few of those murders will be solved. Predictably, the police blamed it all on someone else. Commissioner Holomo Molibeli blamed it on famo gangs and illegal guns.

He said criminals were buying guns from Chinese supermarkets. And who supplies the guns to the Chinese supermarkets? He said some of his rogue officers were stealing guns from the police and supplying them to the Chinese.

So the puzzle has been solved: the police who are supposed to investigate the murders are also the suppliers of the murder weapons. Make sense of that if you have the energy and time for infuriating nonsonso.

Muckraker is moving on to the critical questions that the senators forgot to ask the commissioner and his team. Don’t hold your breath because it’s not about what the police are doing to end the scourge of murders.

That question would have been met with the usual mambo jumbo that doesn’t amount to much. And it’s not how many of those murders have been solved because the police would have pelted the senators with the usual excuses of lack of resources and the courts granting cheap bail to suspects.

Four substantial questions should have been asked. The first is where the commissioner gets the energy to make political statements when criminals are killing Basotho for fun. Second, how does he have the time to talk politics when his officers are failing to protect Basotho and solve murders?

Third, who is he to teach politicians how to do their jobs when he is failing to do his? Fourth, where does he get the guts to lecture MPs on complicated issues like a vote of no confidence when he cannot control his constables?

Fifth, why is he focusing on protecting Uncle Sam when he cannot protect himself from the Leposa rascals that spank him every week? Muckraker knows that she said four questions.

The fifth is just a bonus. Speaking of bonuses. Did you know that even those officers selling guns to criminals and those torturing suspects get bonuses? Phew!

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