MISA Lesotho produces a media book

MISA Lesotho produces a media book
MISA Lesotho produces a media book

Africa-PressLesotho. The MISA Lesotho Association held a meeting where the aim was to present a book called ‘African Media Barometer’ in front of the members of the organization ‘along with the publishers and journalists within Lesotho.

Mr Lekhetho Ntsukunyane, Acting Director of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Lesotho, explained that the book would benefit people interested in media in Lesotho.

“I said that as I was flipping through it I really realized how much this book contains a lot of news when it comes to the right moment when we are entering a time of re-election especially in the media.

” said Ntsukunyane.

He went on to explain that it would be very good for the media as it would be the one that would guide Lesotho’s media on issues they could compare with to strengthen the country’s media.

He further added that MISA Lesotho wished for a similar conference in which the Lesotho media would be more self-assessed, especially journalists and radio broadcasters.

The Chairperson of MISA Lesotho, Mr. Boitumelo Koloi, explained that the book was the result of a series of media-related assessments of the country’s media.

He further explained that the book was produced by ‘First Media’ and pointed out that they were the ones who contributed to the production of the book.

Koloi pointed to the fact that the book was published once every three years and was a case study on the legal status of the media-related administration in Africa.

“This book is directly related to the media of Lesotho. It is likely that the book will be a great help to the media and I recommend that we study it so that it can guide us, ”said Koloi.

He also explained that youth elections should not be in conflict with the rules of the media so that Lesotho as a small country does not lag behind in media development.

Mr Mzimkhulu Sthetho, one of the book’s producers, said the ‘African Media Barometer’ was a reflection of MISA Lesotho’s intensive thinking and ‘First Media’ and other institutions that came together to see if they could.

a mechanism to assess the state of the media within Lesotho. Sthetho added that Lesotho had been participating in the incident since 2008. two and then each country selects the so-called children with the highest skills and is the one who participates in the collection and production of the book.

” We have a system in place to assess the state of the media in the country and the first step is to look at how free the Basotho people are to express their views as the matter is included in the law.

the base of the country. We also look at how far the media is a part of this society and freedom ‘and how far the issue has been protected and how much has been improved or promoted,’ ’said Sthetho.

He went on to explain that they are also exploring how the media is constructed and in what form it is constructed. He pointed out that they were checking newspaper advertisements, radio broadcasts and the internet to see if the news could reach the public in the right way.


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