MMH, CHAL receive oxygen concentrators

MMH, CHAL receive oxygen concentrators
MMH, CHAL receive oxygen concentrators

Africa-Press – Lesotho. In an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Lesotho, Lesotho Purpose Driven Church Peace Plan donated 10 oxygen concentrators, to Makoanyane Military

Hospital (MMH) and Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL). Each health institution received five oxygen concentrators. Lesotho Purpose Driven Church Peace Plan Representative Ratabane Ramainoane explained

that the organization is mandated take care of sick people who suffer from different diseases especially the vulnerable communities that cannot afford

expensive health care services. He further said they took an initiative to assist with the oxygen concentrators to MMH to enable them to offer necessary health

services to Basotho who are affected by Covid-19. “The oxygen concentrators will be used to assist people who have difficulty in breathing because of Covid-19,”

he said. CHAL Executive Director ‘Makatleho Mohasi said CHAL is very thankful for the oxygen concentrators that have come at the right time. Mohasi further said initially,

Ministry of Health (MoH) had two Covid-19 treatment hospitals that were selected and equipped to manage the Covid-19 patients, but those hospitals ended up being overwhelmed by critical patients.

“So CHAL hospitals had to take over and manage the patients instead of referring them to the Covid-19

treatment hospitals,” she said. She indicated that CHAL is a non-profit making association which operates with very limited resources and they have been struggling to provide the ventilators to

treat their Covid-19 patients. She noted that this support from Lesotho Purpose Driven Church Peace Plan is very crucial for their facilities and for survival

of the patients. MMH AssistantChief of Staff Medical Health Services Brigadier ‘Matumelo Ramoqopo said they are very grateful for being part of the beneficiaries.

She further said the military hospital is one of the important health institutions that offer critical services to the nation. “I am very proud to be part of this handing over because promotion of

quality health care and equipment is very close to my heart as it constitutes one of my core responsibilities as I am in charge of health and wellbeing of

LDF members,” she said. Ramoqopo said what is humbling and also rewarding is the benefit these will give to their patients as well as to the healthcare

providers. She also thanked their staff for the professional manner in which they managed to handle Covid-19 patients in the recent past months despite lack

of equipment. She said it was rough for everyone and they are certain that with the presence of oxygen concentrators, they will alleviate Covid-19. The

National COVID-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ‘Malitaba Litaba said churches have played a big role in the fight against Covid-19 ever

since it started. Litaba further said they really appreciate the donation of oxygen concentrators as everyone know the importance of oxygen in the struggle

with this deadly disease. “Many people lost their lives because of lack of oxygen and as much as this contribution may seem small, it will actually save lives,” she said. Litaba said this equipment is very relevant in their fight against Covid-19.

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