Mokhothu promises to turn tables

Mokhothu promises to turn tables
Mokhothu promises to turn tables

Africa-Press – Lesotho. During his campaign, the Democratic Congress (DC) leader who also doubles as the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Hon. Mathibeli Mokhothu has promised to change the paradigm shift if elected. He has characterized Basotho as a consumer society instead of a producers’ nation, a notion which he promised to reverse when DC enters into office post-October elections.
This he said on Sunday at a DC rally held at Mafeteng No. 58. When they assume power, the DC leader said they will invest in economic growth and ensure equal sharing of the economy. Hon. Mokhothu further said they will leverage the country’s resources to grow the economy. “The biggest problem of Lesotho is that it has turned into the market of other countries.
We are a nation that buys everything that we use from other countries. We are a nation that consumes as opposed to being the nation that produces,” he said.
He blamed the colonizers for this, adding that Basotho have now abandoned agriculture and being producers. He promised to reverse this situation once he assumes power.
In the olden days, he said Basotho produced metal from stones and used it to make fire but had since adopted the foreign concepts and abandoned their culture.
He said they will ensure that they place a premium on agriculture and that farm inputs are sold in the country. Mokhothu said when in government, there would no more be a sight of trucks importing cabbage from South Africa as there will be many capacitated farmers to produce and sell to schools, hospitals, and other local institutions. This he said needs the government’s political will and joining of forces with the farmers.
He said Basotho need a government that will support them to produce on large scale and they will provide soft loans to farmers. Mokhothu said his government will construct chicken coops and pig sty for farmers and the government will only collect rental fees from those facilities.
The DC leader said they will exploit the United States (US) Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), an arrangement that allows Lesotho to export over 6 000 duty-free products to the US market. He said Lesotho will also look into exporting bottled water to the US and other countries. He further promised that in five years when in government, they will open 30 mines adding that his led government will counter the monopoly within the mining business. Mokhothu said there are about 400 surveyed places where mines can be opened.
The DPM also urged the business people to stay in business and leave politics, to work with the government in order to grow the country’s economy. He argued that the move for business people to venture into the “kill” private sector adding that it is critical for economic growth. During the DC 10-year, celebration anniversary in March, also a day in which they unveiled the party’s manifesto, he said his government will ensure that the business for production is enhanced and there is a conducive environment for it to thrive.
Also, then, he said their government will inject to the tune of M1 billion in two years into the private sector. He said by 2035, they will ensure Lesotho has enough electricity that they also supply to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The DPM further said the Lesotho-South Africa bilateral relations should be revisited and that Basotho are afforded a special dispensation at the border gates adding that they will also look into Lesotho’s relations and those of other countries. Ahead of what looks like do-or-die general elections, Mokhothu is resolute that DC is poised to win the No.58 constituency.

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