Morate Cerebral Palsy Association launched

Morate Cerebral Palsy Association launched
Morate Cerebral Palsy Association launched

Africa-Press – Lesotho. In commemoration of the World Cerebral Palsy Day (WCPD) that is annually celebrated on October 6th, Morate Cerebral Palsy Association (MCPA) was launched as a platform for sharing

stories and raising awareness to the nation and those affected by Cerebral Palsy (CP). The term Cerebral Palsy (CP) refers to a group of non-progressive

disorders affecting movement, balance and posture. The condition may stem from some anomalous effect to the developing brain or from brain damage before

birth, during birth and within the first three years of life (that is why it is called Infantile). It causes loss or redirection of signals from the brain to the body, resulting in various difficulties

for people with CP. Speaking at the launch MCPA Deputy Chairperson ‘Matebatso Thatho said, the association is intended to release pain, attend to parents’

needs and open a room for them to console and uplift each other. She said it is high time that children with CP are treated fairly so that the whole nation

could stop marginalising them. “MCPA was registered on February 8th 2020 but due to C0VID-19, it was not able to launch, it has members from 9 districts of Lesotho who were as well invited but could not attend due to the ongoing

COVID-19 atmosphere,” she said. Thatho said parents with children affected by CP are depressed, shameful and lack self-confidence because they are abandoned by

their loved ones in their families. “Husbands and family members often abandon the baby and the mother, saying they do not bear disabled children in their

family trees, therefore the wife must have cheated on the husband. In some cases, a woman ends up killing the baby with CP due to lack of support from the family,”

she added that CP is incurable, but could be controlled through Stem Cell therapy. She said the name ‘Morate’ is given to the association because with love nothing is impossible, it aims to

encourage mothers to love their children despite their conditions, to strengthen them. She pleaded with the Ministry of Social Development to look into their needs and propose to the government that CP infants be sent to

Cuba for treatment. She reviewed that two children who could not move their heads showed a huge difference within few days in Cuba. Thatho also pleaded for

their accommodation in special education to ease their learning processes. The Minister of Social Development Hon. Matebatso Doti said it is high time that the world come together to

recognise and celebrate the “17 million people around the world living with CP”. Doti said her Ministry is cognizant of CP patients, their families and friends

and what they have accomplished despite their challenges, saying their efforts do not go unnoticed. She said Basotho are challenged to reconnect with them so

that ultimately, they are better able to handle and support the needs of those with CP and their families. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Social Development

in conjunction with the Cerebral Palsy Association of Lesotho proudly celebrate the day, with the theme ‘Leave you mark’. The Minister added that the WCPD aims to bring more public awareness to this

developmental disorder. She said to achieve a holistic awareness about CP, the Lesotho government, Disabled People’s Organisations and CP Association of

Lesotho need to come up with a clear strategy or interventions appropriate to supporting people with CP. “Government legislation like the Disability Equity Bill was created to empower people with disabilities and

break down barriers to make our world more inclusive. The Disability Equity Bill prohibits discrimination in most aspects of a person’s life including

people with CP,” Doti explained. She said, if CP patients are given access to information and support options, they can learn new ways to adapt and deal with their diagnosis.

She furthered that the Intellectual Association of Lesotho is thus expected to partner with CP Association of Lesotho in supporting these vulnerable children and empower their parents or care givers.

“The ministry pledges its support to organisations, families and individuals caring

for people with CP,” she added. In an interview with Informative Newspaper, Mind Liberation Psychology Consultancy’s Public Relations Manager Mamasila Peete said, they are going to work together with MCPA to give psychological support to parents who will be selected by the association. She said the counselling sessions will only be two and they are free.

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