Moroka-pula to re-introduce King Moshoeshoe I

Moroka-pula to re-introduce King Moshoeshoe I
Moroka-pula to re-introduce King Moshoeshoe I

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Moroka-pula Heritage Production will re-launch Moshoeshoe the Mountain King part 3 documentary film centered on the story of King Moshoeshoe I and the history of

the Basotho nation next week Friday. Moshoeshoe the Mountain King Documentary Film Resident Producer Kalosi Ramakhula explained that the film was produced back in 1996, marking the commencement of heritage

researches. Ramakhula further noted that this will be the 3rd volume of the film following the two volumes based on Lesotho history. He said it is about the journey of King Moshoeshoe I, where he comes from until he founded

the Basotho nation. He said Lesotho was founded in 1824 at Thaba-Bosiu because that was the place where many people gathered. “That was when the court of King

Moshoeshoe reached a decision that those people that the King has brought together at that place will be regarded as the Basotho nation and the land they

live in will be called Lesotho,” he said. He further said Lesotho in 2024 will be celebrating 200 years of existence and the aim is that by then, Basotho will have turned back to their roots and embraced

their culture. He emphasized that the launch is also about positioning the documentary film as one of the items intended to bolster the Lesotho bicentenary campaigns.

Ramakhula noted that by next year, the aim is that this documentary film should be played in all schools across the country so that students can know about the history behind Lesotho.

Moshoeshoe the Mountain King Documentary Film Padron Seitebatso ‘Malerotholi Seeiso said as part of Lesotho chieftainship family, they deem it their responsibility to

take care of culture and history of the Basotho nation. “By saying that I do not mean this responsibility is only ours but it is everyone’s responsibility,”.

Seeiso said they reached a conclusion to work together with Moroka-pula Heritage Production which produced a documentary film about the history of King

Moshoeshoe I, the battles he fought and how he ruled the nation. She noted that King Moshoeshoe I is one of the well-known leaders worldwide because of his good

deeds for his nation. She added that King Moshoeshoe I formed the Basotho nation and made it to be respected by other nations. “We need to try to awaken our culture as Basotho

and restore our country’s pride and love, go back and introspect,” she said. She pleaded with all Basotho to be united and do things that build them as a nation for the sake of the future generation.

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