Moshoeshoe gives back to the community

Moshoeshoe gives back to the community
Moshoeshoe gives back to the community

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Mosh Foundation Founder Mr Lehana Moshoeshoe has launched a campaign to provide food to vulnerable families at a time when the corona virus has invaded the world.

Moshoeshoe is a teenager from Matelile Tajane, Mafeteng district who lives in Mataneng village in Mafeteng, where his businesses – Mosh Kitchenle Khotsong Land Property, are located.

They are the ones who help her to feed the needy families, so she also gives back to the community. To date Moshoeshoe has provided food to 71 households and has spent an estimated M27,200. give food every month.

In an interview with Moshoeshoe and Voice of the Nation he explained that he started the project after realizing that most Basotho do not have enough food at a time when the government has implemented restrictions on movement and services.

“The families of the families I am assisting with food are being supported by their members who work in South Africa, especially at home and on farms.

They faced a major crisis at a time when South Africa was also shutting down services as their families also lost their jobs, ”said Moshoeshoe. Moshoeshoe went on to say that among the basic human rights, the right to food is paramount.

“In the face of the global catastrophe I have seen the need for me to help each other with food so that people can complain about the virus and also complain about food, as this could lead to serious depression,” he said. to explain Moshoeshoe. Ha Koki Tajane Chief Mr Semapo Majoro said the difference Moshoeshoe is making in people’s lives is amazing.

“The work that this young man is doing has amazed me according to his age, what he is doing is not because he has the ability to make money but as a father God manifests itself in his life, to help people with what he has,” ”He said.

The Mosh Foundation has been in operation since 2017, starting with the roll-out of small football teams. “The purpose of starting the fund is because I have noticed the level of drug use by this young man, and the realization that they are involved in crime on a regular basis,” said Moshoeshoe.

These football teams helped him with equipment including balls and nets. In his remarks, he appealed to the Basotho people to donate as little as they can to the needy family or families as this would make a huge difference in their lives.

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