Orwellian Ministry of Truth

Orwellian Ministry of Truth
Orwellian Ministry of Truth

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The war in Ukraine is a major eye opener for the world and people in general on the insidious role of government propaganda and a compliant media in shaping the tenor and thrust of narratives regarding the evolution of the war.

It has also exposed a skewed international order sullied and undermined by double standards in respect of fundamental principles and basic standards of equity.

It also shows how daily spin doctoring and propaganda repeatedly rehashed and recycled by the media and political leaders can systematically mask and occult the truth.

The profound divide over the war between the US, Europe, NATO countries, Ukraine and Russia has polarized information about the war. In this propaganda battle, the United States, EU and NATO countries and their media have a major control over the information disseminated in the world.

The daily information about the war aired by them is echoed by other countries and their media. The polarization is such that no mainstream media channel dares question any of the information and narratives propagated.

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