Pasture conservation is Raene’s complexity

Pasture conservation is Raene's complexity
Pasture conservation is Raene's complexity

Africa-Press – Lesotho. To mark the International Environment Day, the Peace Education Foundation (DPE) in partnership with All Responsibility (PISA) has held a community in Ha Raene, Makanyane area, Qacha’s Nek, a call for conservation issues. pastures after the community has stated they have problems with pasture conservation.

Presenting the purpose of the call, from the DPE, Peace Education Researcher Mr Mosala Mukutlulu explained that the main reason was to hear the community’s cry for pasture as the organization had visited the Ha Raene community in recent days.

moreover, they talked about the pasture problem and the organization took the matter seriously, so he came back to hear the news as promised. Mr Mokutlulu also mentioned another reason for the visit to mark the International Day for the Protection of the Environment marked 5 June as a way for the United Nations (UN) to promote conservation and protection of the environment.

and this year the cry for this day is “Only One World. ” In setting out their challenges in the pastures, the Ha Raene community said no re-grazing, some grazing only at the grazing area, while others graze their animals at night, others at the same time set when all are encouraged to take their animals to the barn and then they are left to put them in the barns.

Another problem the community has identified is that pastoral care committees are trying to reprimand grazing owners who are infesting their own animals and threatening them.

The community has said that these recurring problems are realizing that they are proving themselves to this because they do not listen to the pastors and are selfish. The community explained that the solution was to calm down and respect those appointed.

On behalf of the Makanyane grazing committee in the Makanyane area, Mr Mohai Motlatsi explained that they set up grazing land but in time people snatched it away, and when they caught cattle, their owners stopped immediately, they did not get protection from the chiefs as herdsmen.

pastures. Mr Motlatsi explained that they had asked the chiefs to link them with the police so that when they caught the animals whose owners were stabbing themselves, they would work with the police.

Appearing in the Department of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture Qacha’s Nek Mr Lettsoara Ramone described the unsafe environment being degraded and ultimately not providing the right thing.

“As a society, we are empowered by nature to benefit ourselves, the most important thing in the environment in which we live, is to treat this world well.

We have a swamp in our area, that it produces water and if we destroy it with horses it will ruin us without water. Our message for this year is that this world we live in is the only one.

Please stop killing birds, snakes, wild animals and dig up medicines for the purpose of selling them but the environment department is unaware, this is a crime, ”said Mr Ramone.

Commenting on the name of the Ha Sekake Police Station, Inspector Tumelo Hlao, the Chief of Police, urged the public not to touch the animals in the dungeons, to see if they belonged to any of the animals. take it to court. He described this as a precautionary measure that could result in pastoral killings.

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