Pita takes women’s league by storm

Pita takes women’s league by storm
Pita takes women’s league by storm

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Likened to Barcelona and Spanish legend Andrés Iniesta because of her similar style of play, Lesotho Defence Force Ladies (LDF) attacking midfielder Mosele Pita is enjoying a stellar career in the Women’s Super League.

With four goals already in five games this season, Pita says her target is to hit double digits for the first time in her career and given her performances so far, it appears only a matter of time.

The last time she came close was in 2019 when she scored nine goals. Pita says she had been goal-shy until this season because of an ankle injury that bothered her in the past, but she is fully healthy and determined to contribute more goals to the team.

Under LDF’s previous coaching team, Pita was also a bit-part player and was shifted to the left wing most of the time where she struggled due to her small physique.

In that position, which often requires speed and tracking back to help defensively, she was often forced to play back passes but that has changed under the new LDF Ladies coach Lengana Nkhethoa who has given her a free role on the pitch.

Nkhethoa says when he watches Pita play, she reminds him of Iniesta, who despite his diminutive physique, was unmarkable during his playing days. Pita herself would admit she is nowhere near Iniesta but the comparison is flattering.

Nkhethoa said when he first got involved with the LDF women’s team, he saw Pita’s talent straight away and his job is just about improving on what she already has.

“I thought she has talent and I just need to see how to improve her, so I gave her a free role,” Nkhethoa explains.

“I told her to hold the ball, don’t play one-touch, I would rather they take (the ball) from you. Pass the ball and support, because you are small, avoid contact and she did that. It took time but, so far, she is doing well,” he says.

“Another one is ‘Maseriti Mohlolo, these are players with talent and all I had to do was to make sure that I nurse and nurture that talent,’’ Nkhethoa adds.

Pita plays in a similar position for the national team as well and Nkhethoa says that he tries by all means to let Pita and her LDF teammates know what they are good at.

He says the players are filled with confidence when they are on the ball and he likes it when his players know their strengths. “When a player is good at something, as a coach, you have to tell them,” Nkhethoa says.

“(You must tell them) you know how to trap, you know how to shoot, you know this, so that she knows and she is not confused of what to do when the ball gets to her,” Nkhethoa continues.

“She must know that I know how to trap (the ball), if you can shoot then shoot.

If you show trust in a player and you let them know they are good, that’s it. ” Pita joined LDF from Sky Battalion in 2017 and has not looked back since.

When she is not on the football pitch, she normally spends her time at home watching football and is always trying to improve. If there is anything new that she comes across, she always wants to try it in training sessions and see if she can add it to her game.

“While I was playing for Sky Battalion my role model was LDF player Palesa Mpeta,” Pita says.

“When I got a chance to join LDF it was my secret that I was coming near my role model and at the sessions I would always make sure I was next to her.

At the end of 2018 I got an award for the best player and I was really happy. As time went on, the person I considered my role model was telling me I am hers,” she smiles.

“The difference between playing on the wing and midfield is huge, I was playing on the left wing and I am right footed, every time I had the ball I had to go inside and I made a lot of back passes.

I was not myself back then,” Pita says. Pita says she dreams of reaching the levels her national team captain Boitumelo “Queen” Rabale has reached. Rabale has played in the United States and is now a key player for South African champions Mamelodi Sundowns Ladies.

With Sundowns, Rabale has won multiple league titles and the 2021 CAF Women’s Champions League. She has become a revelation and she is a role model for other players in the WSL.

Pita is trying to get there slowly. Last year alongside Rabale and Litšeoane Maloro, Pita was chosen as one of the three players that impressed for Lesotho at the COSAFA Women’s Championship in South Africa.

With more international games and exposure there is no doubt Pita could earn a dream move to South Africa if she continues to impress. “I want to do better than that, I want to be where Queen is.

I like to keep my goals to myself. I don’t only want to be the best, I want to be outstanding,” Pita says. “I don’t stay at one place on the pitch and I always try to avoid 50-50 situations because I will lose,” she adds.

“I like to have the ball at my feet. I think if I keep working hard and we are getting international games, this is where they see my talent.

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