Portable water supply for Thaba-Bosiu households

Portable water supply for Thaba-Bosiu households
Portable water supply for Thaba-Bosiu households

Africa-PressLesotho. The Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Moeketsi Majoro launched water supply project for household at Thaba-Bosiu Ha-Sofonia and St. Michael’s last Thursday. The villages will now access water

from the Metolong dam following the government’s promise that it will supply all villages which the Metolong dam pipes pass with clean water. The Metolong dam was constructed

through the support from governments of Lesotho and South Africa, European Investment Bank, Saudi Fund for Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, OPEC Fund for

International Development, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the US Millennium Challenge Corporation and the World Bank. Addressing villagers at the launch Dr.

Majoro said 29 villages will benefit from the project. He urged the community councilors to be involved in the project. According to Majoro the contractors

assigned for this job are expected to take four to five months to complete it. The Commissioner of Water Mokake Mojakisane said it is their responsibility to ensure that supply of clean water

reaches all parts of the community within the country and all facilities that utilizes water to increase economy and the wellbeing of the public. “The

country had tied up a rapport with South Africa (SA) and the Lesotho Highlands Development Water Project (LHDWP) Phase I that was successfully completed for

the mutual benefit of both countries,” Mojakisane explained. He added that the project was completed through the construction of Metolong Dam which accommodates 63 million litres

of water. “The main purpose of the construction of the dam was to augment water supplies to Maseru, Roma, Leribe and Teya-Teyaneng. Therefore, the government

also started village water supply project for the villagers to access water from the water pipes that pass by,” he stated. Member of Parliament for Thaba-Bosiu

Constituency and Minister of Finance Hon. Thabo Sofonea said the water supply project was launched in 2017 at Thaba-Bosiu, therefore he was not sure if this project

will succeed as the previous one became unsuccessful. “The project will only be effective if it accommodates all the affected areas where the Metolong water

pipes pass. The other main desirable concern in this area is installation of electricity,” Sofonea noted. The Deputy Minister of Water and Member of the Parliament for Maama Constituency Hon.

Mankoe Maime said the project will bring the lifelong solution to issues of water supply. He said the work will be easy as public taps have already been installed.

“At St. Michael water will be installed at; Moeaneng, Matamong, Ramokholitsoane, Likuiling,

Sikeme and Pasane. Lack of water is still a big problem in this areas as some of the villages fetch water from the wells,” Maime stated. Meanwhile the Minister of Water Hon.

Nkaku Kabi told Thaba-Bosiu community that the project will start with Ha-Tonki and Sofonea and there will also be a construction of the tank that will supply

water to Ha-Majara, Ha-Teronko, Qiloane, Sekhutloaneng, Ha-Majoro, Liphokoaneng, Liolong and Ha-Mosalla. Kabi further showed that water treatment and supply is very

costly, so the community is expected to pay for the services. “I request contractors engaged to work in Thaba-Bosiu and St. Michaels to award jobs to the villagers living in the affected areas and they as well need to completely be dedicated to their work and be cooperative,” Kabi said.


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