Ranyali appreciates partnership with Finite Lifestyle

Ranyali appreciates partnership with Finite Lifestyle
Ranyali appreciates partnership with Finite Lifestyle

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Maseru Packs (Pty Ltd) Director Mantšebo Ranyali says partnering with Finite Magazine Lifestyle club is the best business decision she ever made, especially now with the economic slump

down due to the coronavirus (Covid-19). Maseru Packs Maseru packs Pty Ltd was established in February 2020 and operates from Basotho Enterprises Development

Corporation (BEDCO) building shop No. 10 in Maseru. It sells disposable packaging such as food packaging and medical consumables. In an interview with Informative Newspaper Ranyali

stated that through the partnership she will be able to access Finite Magazine’s growing database to market her business. By partnering with Finite Magazine Lifestyle club, businesses get to enjoy intensive marketing on Finite Magazine and its sister

publication Informative Newspaper. Asked why she felt compelled to join Finite Magazine Lifestyle Club Ranyali said she was impressed will all the perks to benefit from this partnership and noted that, the free advertising

space was just the cherry on top. “There is definitely no club that offers similar services and therefore I was left with no choice but to join,” she said.

Some of the perks she was referring to include refresher courses such as customer care, financial management, marketing etiquette and media coverage of all events her business will host. All Finite Magazine Lifestyle club members will receive 5% discount for all purchases above M500.

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