Realme launches Coca-Cola branded smartphone

Realme launches Coca-Cola branded smartphone
Realme launches Coca-Cola branded smartphone

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Realme has launched a new Coca-Cola special edition version of its Realme 10 Pro smartphone. The design of the new smartphone is distinguished by a new color scheme, which highlights the partnership between Realme and Coca-Cola.

The rear design of the smartphone has been inspired by Coca-Cola’s classic elements, with three black and seven red points highlighting the Coca-Cola logo in the 70/30 asymmetrical back design.

The Coca-Cola phone gets a matte finish that gives a brushed aluminum look and also makes it scratch and fingerprint-resistant. The Coca-Cola smartphone also comes with a customized UI system, with the lock screen, dynamic charging effect and ringtones all designed based on Coke red and Coca-Cola’s bubble element.

This adds extra cheer to each moment for consumers. The app icons are designed based on Coke red and the real image of the real goods. In terms of performance, the Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition features the Snapdragon 695 5G processor, a 5000mAh massive battery, and a 108MP ProLight Camera.

The camera comes with the updated Street Photography Mode 3.0, which allows users to experience different city filters based on their geographical locations. The 80s Cola Filters is a true blast from the past with a special edition shutter sound.

Other new features include Super Group Portrait and One Take to improve the imaging experience, as well as 8GB+8GB dynamic RAM and up to 1TB of external memory. The Realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola edition is priced at $253 (GHS3,000+). The device will be available on Flipkart.

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