Sekatle issues clarion call for Basotho to update vaccination cards

Sekatle issues clarion call for Basotho to update vaccination cards
Sekatle issues clarion call for Basotho to update vaccination cards

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Minister of Health Hon. Semano Sekatle has issued a clarion call for vaccinated nationals to revisit the health centers to attach barcodes on their vaccination cards.

Sekatle announced at the launch of the Covid-19 citizen application which was made possible by Tafari Capital Company. It is available in English language

on citizenapp. co. ls, Google Play, App Store or App Gallery. Tafari Capital Company Chairperson Thabo Lehlokoe said the company, as the think tech business, has contributed to the

control of Covid-19 by giving back to the community through the provision and development of the Citizen Application, where people will get their vaccine certificates

especially when crossing the border to South Africa (SA). He said the application was developed in March 2020, but has been undergoing modification. “This is not just an application; it

is going to help the country of Lesotho to safely open its economy, especially at the borders,” he said. He added that the app will be used for issuance of barcode patched vaccination cards, which will be scanned for

validation across the world. Both citizens and non-citizens will benefit from this app,” he explained. The Minister said they are proud that Lesotho Covid-19 vaccination cards will now be traceable.

He said this application is going to accommodate all people even those who do not have smart phones because the barcodes will be patched on their vaccination cards to be

scanned. He added that those who have smart phones can produce their own Covid-19 vaccination certificates. “People are recommended to revisit the health centers where they received Covid-19 vaccines to provide national

Identity Card (ID) so that their vaccination details be reprocessed and updated. Those who have smart phones can download the app and scan their IDs to update

their details on the system,” he said. The Minister also called upon citizens who did not receive their vaccination cards upon vaccination to revisit the health centers to report their details on the system.

These have reportedly been recorded only on the register list and their personal health booklets. He said all of them have to report at the health centers where they will get barcoded vaccination cards.

He further noted that some of the registers were missed at Ha-Khabo clinic Pitseng, whereby in another incident data clerks also put all identity information of vaccinated people in their tablets but failed to transfer data into the system. He urged them to also show up so that they get their updated vaccination cards.

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