Shut and listen

Shut and listen
Shut and listen

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The hullaballoo about vaccines proves that people overate themselves. Nonentities contributing zilch to their country or even their own lives are hurting our ears with shrieks against the Covid vaccines.

Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, the vaccine was created to kill us. Blah, blah, blah, the vaccine will change our DNA. Thola! Brother, you don’t even know what DNA stands for.

Brothers who don’t know what is in polony or sausage are telling us what is in a vaccine. Sisters who have no idea what is in their lipstick and makeup (most can’t apply it properly) are bellowing about vaccines.

They don’t know what is in a kota but are lecturing us about the ingredients in vaccines. These are the people who sincerely thought a periodic table was a bad drawing of a multi-storey house.

Does that sound harsh? Well, lets have a small survey. Ask the person next to you where sugar comes from. Look at that blank face! Look, look, look, loooook!
Now you know why this hubbub about vaccines is a joke that has long ceased to be funny.

People who don’t know how Savanna or Maluti Lager is made are screaming about a vaccine. Holy dung!
Do you know if the lubrication in a condom is made from diesel, cooking oil or mabele?

We live in the age of unmitigated ignorance. But let’s assume, without admitting, that the vaccines are meant to wipe blacks off the face of the earth.

If that is the case, then companies that are thousand times bigger than Lesotho’s economy contrived to kill some helpless minion in Thamae, Motimposo or Soweto. That would mean it costs millions to send such a poor soul to their ancestor. Heele!

To achieve what? Why exterminate a ready market for everything from toothpicks to weaves?
Diseases, hunger, depression, poverty and stress are already doing a good job of it.

The government is already doing a splendid job of killing you softly by mismanaging the country so much you cannot get a job to feed yourself. You are probably on the last bits of your liver because your alcohol meter broke when you were in your teens.

Last Friday, you were so drunk that you could not find your way home yet you think some company would invest millions to kill you. Heele!
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, the vaccine will change our DNA.

What is so wrong with a little bit of genetic engineering in a country where people are always fighting and killing each other over petty things? A country where brothers cannot last three months in a business partnership.

Where politicians are genetically wired to steal, lie and loot. A citizen of a country that cannot make a toothpick has the guts to compare vaccines. “AstraZeneca is better than Johnson & Johnson”.

“I prefer Moderna”. Really?
“Pfizer is better. ” Oh!
“This one from the Russians is not good. ” Mmmmmm!
“I don’t trust the Chinese one”. Yeh, right!

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