Soofia holds the 4th annual science festival

Soofia holds the 4th annual science festival
Soofia holds the 4th annual science festival

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Soofia International School hosted the fourth annual science festival which was dubbed: “Why Delaying the Inevitable”- #EducationMustContinue. The festival was held at Soofia International School premises on Saturday.

This is the come-back of Soofia Science Festival (SSF) after it was interrupted by the outbreak of Covid-19 in the past two years. About 12 schools from the 10 districts of Lesotho participated in the festival, all

who converged to show the results of their project-based inquiries on how to “Integrate Technology into Education”. The students competed on four different categories

being Junior SSF4 Quiz, IGCSE/LGCSE Senior Quiz, presentations and projects. Soofia International School Head of Department of sciences Stephen Basaija mentioned

that the main objectives of the festival was to engage learners in their everyday activities and provide a platform to address the things that affect them through

utilization of technology, to combat challenges such as the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on education. “Covid-19 has impacted them negatively and by that a lot of schools resorted to online

learning. We have activities such as the Junior SSF4 Quiz, LGCSE/IGCSE senior Quiz, projects and presentations in which learners present on the theme ‘Education must continue no matter what’,”

he said. Basaiji added that the festival will teach them how to come up with solutions for issues such as disasters. He said the projects were created by the students,

who made software and robots in response to educational needs. Basaija mentioned that he believes the festival will assist students to abstain from crime and drugs as they are frequently hosted on weekends to occupy their

schedules. The 1st prize winners were awarded trophies for their schools, gold medals and cash prizes of M2500, the 2nd prize winners also won trophies for their schools, silver medals and cash prizes of M1500 and the 3rd

prize winners received trophies, bronze medals and cash prizes of M1000. Each category was awarded and each student who participated in the festival was

awarded a certificate of participation. Soofia International School Principal Vijayakumar Bhaskaran revealed that the festival had started in 2017 but paused in 2020 due to Covid-19.

It is crucial to have children participate in science these days. “The festival is aimed at providing children with opportunities in the world of science and technology, grooming

them in different activities to showcase their talents. We had a language festival last week where we invited the National University of Lesotho International School (NULIS) and it turned out to be a success,” he noted.

The principal further said the festival involved all classes from grade 8 to 12. He said it was important to give a maximum attention to technology as Covid-19 has

taught a lot of people a lesson. He said Soofia gave technology a lot of attention when they were forced to close during Covid-19 outbreak. He said shifting is important and technology must be given attention as it provides

solutions for various problems. From the SSF 4 project, the 1st winner was from Soofia International School, 2nd Methodist high school and 3rd Leribe English

medium School. SSF4 Junior Quiz, 1st winner from Leribe English Medium School, 2nd Soofia International School and 3rd Soofia International School. SSF4 Senior Quiz, 1st winner from Soofia

International School, 2nd New Millennium International School and 3rd Butha-Buthe High School. On presentations, 1st winner Soofia International School, 2nd from St. Stephens High School and 3rd New Millennium International School.

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