Africa-Press – Lesotho. Inyatsi Group of Companies has expanded its footprint in the mobile telecommunications sector through partnering with Zambia’s new 4th mobile operator Zedmobile.

Inyatsi Group, under the leadership of astute businessman Michelo Shakantu, is not new in the Telco space, having founded Eswatini’s second mobile operator Eswatini Mobile in 2016. On Wednesday, Zedmobile was launched as Zambia’s fourthmobile telecommunications operator and made a promise to deliver the best network for Zambians.

Eswatini Mobile Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Jeff Penberton is already in Zambia, where he is working with locals there to get themobile operator ready to rollout its network six months from now. Penberton, an experienced telecommunications expert, who helped in the setting up of Eswatini Mobile to an established operator since itwent live in 2017, is expected to impart similar expertise with Zedmobile. The Zedmobile network rollout will be in three phases: the first call is scheduled for June 2023 as part of Phase I, which is expected to be completed by August, 2023;Phase IIwill be completed by October 2023; and Phase III will be done by December, 2023. “In accordance with our license conditions, we will deploy the Zedmobile network in all regions of Zambia and cover 82 per cent of the population by

December 31, 2023,” said Zedmobile Director Sydney Sichula. With Huawei as the network infrastructure provider,Zedmobile has already committed itself to ensuring that it becomes number one in mobile data and voice across Zambia through providing affordable and reliable future proof 5G network from the first day of operation. Sichula acknowledged the existing industry players and congratulated their wonderful work to date as this has promoted much-needed competition. Services

“In all industries, competition is necessary because it pushes industry players to offer the best in terms of services to customers. We, therefore, look forward to working with all the industry players,” he said. Zedmobile Vice Chairman Kelvin Hambwezya said the day of the launch was an emotional one for him because what began as a thought with his colleagues to one day own and operate a mobile business in Zambia had become a reality. He thanked former President Edgar Lungu and the incumbent Hakainde Hichilema for their support in to making this dream come to fruition.

“The vision for Zedmobile is to give Zambia the best digital services, for both urban and rural areas. We are coming with 5G technology, come July 2023,“ Hambwezya said. He said in February next year, they would launch experience centres where customers canwalk in and start to interact with Zedmobile in order to understand what the newoperator is here for.

He assured Zambians that they would not let themdown butwouldmake them proud. “We have partneredwithHuawei and, as you know, they are a world class provider of technology.We have bought the best technology there is in this planet. Give us the support andwewon’t let you down,” the vice chairman added. Licence

Meanwhile,Zambia’s Minister of Science and Technology FelixMutati said government awarded Beeline Telecoms Limited the telecommunications license in March 2020 through a transparent process spearheaded by Zambia Informatio and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA). He said thiswould not only encourage local investment but also contribute to the Zambia government’s plans fornational domestic growth. “Through this investment, there will be global partnerships interested to partner with government and Beeline Telecoms in the delivery of not only technology but also transfer of skills in the local Zambians thereby closing the skills gap between local Zambian talent and that of the international environment,” the minister said.

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