The ABC is withdrawing from the coalition government with DC

The ABC is withdrawing from the coalition government with DC
The ABC is withdrawing from the coalition government with DC

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The 2022/2023 national budget estimate came after the Kobo Tata Basotho (ABC) party wrote a letter stating that it was withdrawing from the coalition government with the National Council (DC) party.

After the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Sephiri Motanyane, read out the letter, he asked for ABC members to be interviewed, but the party leader indicated that their decision was to resign.

Speaking, Motanyane pointed out that those who supported the letter were six on the opposition side but it became a problem, until he ordered that the budget be read by the Minister of Finance, His Excellency Thabo Sophonea.

he stood reading from a cell phone and the Kobo-Tata Basotho Leader, the Honorable Nkaku Kabi, snatched the phone, and a commotion broke out and the parliament dissolved.

Member of the National Assembly and Minister of Mines Hon Serialong Qoo explained that the budget is exactly the same as when the Chairperson had instructed it to be read, saying that the only thing left was to be approved.

and to provide voting whether it is approved or not. “The other thing is that we did not know about this letter as a coalition government, and I have to make sure that the government still exists even though our coalition says he is retiring, ”Qoo said.

In an interview with Voice of the Nation, AD Leader of the Party, Hon. true as in the year 2020 where the calculated funds did not work as intended. “The irony is that the party is withdrawing but it is expected that the estimate will be calculated when the minister loses his position, and it is not said to be counted as a state government as part of it withdraws,” ”The expeller was surprised.

According to the Leader of the Basotho Patriotic Party (BPP), Hon. “Of course we deliberately suspended the house so that the finance minister would not read it.

A person who claims to be counted is not telling the truth because no one has heard for example that a certain department is given so much money, which means that the budget has not been calculated and will not be counted until ABC comes the ruling party, that is probably the case, ”said Mapesela.

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