The co-operative extends a hand to orphans and children in need

The co-operative extends a hand to orphans and children in need
The co-operative extends a hand to orphans and children in need

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Thoahlane Farmers Cooperatives has reached out to twenty (20) OVC from five Ha-Thoahlane Sekameng villages in Mafeteng district. They did this after being challenged to see the children living in the dire need of food in their homes.

In an interview with the secretary of Thoahlane Farmers Cooperatives Ms ‘Masetungoane Thoahlane explained that her co-operative is not the first time it is helping children in need as it has already delivered grants to Sekameng High School.

He said this was done with the aim of responding to some of the basic needs that facilitate children’s education. He said at this stage they have provided essential products and ointments in order to meet the needs of children in their homes.

Deputy Secretary of Thoahlane Farmers Cooperatives Mr Thabang Sehapi said the aim of their co-operative was to keep giving back to the needy community, saying “this is done after each harvest in order to bring about change in a society living in poverty so that they too can earn a living ”.

Sehapi explained that the choice of children was made with the help of kings and local government elected officials to identify children from poor families and to see if their caregivers were able to help them with their problems.

“This grant is made in accordance with the corporate law which stipulates that there are certain spices that the corporation must repay to the community, so we are committed to repaying 5% of our harvest to 5% of our harvest.

a vulnerable society with the aim of making a difference in the lives of that community, ”he said. One of the recipients of the gifts, ‘Mapaballo Rapitso, who lives in Kolo Ha-Matetoane, said he was overjoyed as these gifts brought solutions to the hunger problems they face in their homes.

He also said that these gifts have made a big difference in their lives as there is nothing they can do for a living. “We are making a living by working part-time to cultivate people in the fields and we are paid every day because there is no other way to earn a living due to the lack of jobs in the country,” he said.

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