The community is preparing the way

The community is preparing the way
The community is preparing the way

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Ha-Maope community in Berea district has embarked on a campaign to prepare for the holiday season. The project came to fruition with the realization that the holidays are a time when most people are at home, so they plan to renovate the road which is not often the case in preparation but without any help from them.

responsible. Senate Councilor for Local Government Mr Tseko Phera explained that the villages of Ha-Sakoane, Ha-Maope and Letlapane were badly affected by the poor road system which makes it difficult for the people to carry out their daily needs.

Phera also pointed out that the problem was a long-term one because the road was last repaired in 1998, saying that was why the affected communities felt they had to come together to fix the road as it has often done such work in vain.

“We have asked for help from those who are affected but it has been a long time since we were promised without the assistance we need.

It is also difficult for the community, especially the elderly, to access the facilities and health facilities as the cost of owning a car is very high, ”he said.

Continuing, Phera said they were repairing the road with their shovels as a community as they had made every effort to seek help and to chair the Senekane council but their case was still pending.

He also points out that the road is responsible for the Ministry of Public Works, which is why it is difficult to provide assistance to repair it. One of the residents of Ha-Maope Ms ‘Makananelo Maope pointed out that they are always preparing for the road but it is always ruined by the bad rains so they too are exhausted.

Maope explained that the protesters went to other villages to repair the roads but theirs was left behind because it did not fall into the Ministry of Local Government and Traditional Affairs.

He pointed out that there were miners digging in the Phuthiatsana River. In an interview with the Chairperson of the Senekane Local Government Council D07, Ms Masekoati Masupha said the Ha-Maope road was part of the council’s 2020 plan.

with M7 000 000.00 when they were promised M10 000 000.00 which would be used in the plans for the financial year 2020/2021. Masupha pointed out that they could not complete the projects they had included in the plans because the money was small.

“Even at this stage the money raised will continue to be completed,” he said.

Masupha reported that the government had promised to return M3 000 000.00 and through it they could also look at how to include the Ha-Maope road in the plans.

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