The community laments the poor service of the hospital

The community laments the poor service of the hospital
The community laments the poor service of the hospital

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Peace Education Association (DPE) held a public consultation with the Koebunyane community earlier last week and the protesters lamented the alleged rampant operation of the Koebunyane Hospital, in the coastal area of ​​Mohale’s Hoek.
The main concern of the community is the so-called lazy service, citing the example of a pregnant Kuebunyane who was returned to the center just one day before giving birth and then gave birth on the way to another hospital. The community also said that when it first arrived, it was open from 8am to 4pm but now it was open at 9am and did not serve patients. also.

Addressing the Koebunyane community, the President from the Lesotho Council of Nurses (LCN) Ms Flavia Moetsane Poka explained that the nurse has her own rights as a nurse and the community has its own rights that nurses must have.

respect non-racial, political or religious discrimination. He also explained that nurses also need equipment to function properly so that the pregnant woman does not die because there is no equipment.

He appealed to nurses and patients to respect and know their rights within the facility. Koebunyane village health worker Mr Moeketsi Nthako thanked the DPE) for initiating the case to the point where they saw Parliament and all the bridesmaids in it.

He appealed to Koebunyane to work peacefully with health workers and community health workers. One of the residents, Mr Tlali Ntoane, asked the dignitaries to address the issues they were complaining about, and said that this would make the future of the community more accessible because they knew that they are answered.

On behalf of the Peace Education Association Reverend Fr. Tshepo Mosoeu (National Animator) explains that as an organization, their job is to see that where things are not going well there are discussions.

He said the most important thing was for peace in the Basotho community. A member of the Parliamentary Committee on Social Welfare, Honorable Thabang Kholumo, thanked the DPE for making it possible for them to come to the area to hear about the tragedy.

He said the DPE assists them as governors so that the public is aware of their rights. He appealed to other non-governmental organizations in the country to keep an eye on the public. Mr.

Kholumo said the public should be aware that if they are not well served in the hospitals they have the right to ask for supervision and express their grievances that the officers are being paid through public services.

He assured the people that Parliament has heard of its problems and will work. A nurse at the Koebunyane center explained that the reason for starting services late was because patients were late arriving.

He also explained that the reason the pregnant woman was reinstated was because the pregnant woman who started giving birth was not allowed to give birth at the clinic but had to go to the hospital, so they tried to get her a car and she did not arrive.

time for reasons including road difficulty and that vehicles are not always available. In the case of dismissed community workers, the nurse explained that the reasons are that one is a teacher and it is not permissible for a teacher to eat two trees.

The other is because he is the one the community says he was elected by and therefore does not like him. The nurse also explained that the reason they did not go to the DPE meeting with the community was because they did not receive a letter from the Ministry of Health asking them to attend the meeting.

The Nurse’s Interview with the Public Voice ended anonymously as the Doctor in charge of the Kuebunyane Center slammed the phone down with the nurse stating that she had spoken to the media but would only speak to the Ministry of Health and Liaison, Science and Technology Use and with permission.

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