The ‘foot soldiers’ fighting Covid-19

The ‘foot soldiers’ fighting Covid-19
The ‘foot soldiers’ fighting Covid-19

Africa-Press – Lesotho. We were told that this was a foreign disease and it was connected with Satanism. Anyone who would be vaccinated would therefore receive the sign of the beast,” he says.

“That really shocked us and I was one of the people who encouraged people to reject the vaccine since these people were about to engage in evil plans.

” Chief Ramoea says he actively encouraged his people not to take up the vaccine. But thanks to the work of Tumelo Tsenoli, a member of World Vision’s CVA, Chief Ramoea was able to adjust his thinking towards vaccination.

“Tsenoli encouraged me to vaccinate, assuring me that everything I had heard about the vaccine were mere myths. We argued about it but in the end he won,” he says. “He proved to me that he himself had been vaccinated and was still perfectly fine.

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