The Hotspot Cypher connects upcoming artists

The Hotspot Cypher connects upcoming artists
The Hotspot Cypher connects upcoming artists

Africa-PressLesotho. The Hotspot Cypher is a multi-musical platform that was founded in 2019 to bring together and fuses different artists who would not typically be in one song, as well as to show the power of collaboration in artistry.

The Hotspot Cypher Visual Editor Tšeliso Thamae mentioned that the initiative aims to bring together different people from different demographics. He noted all these people have their own fans and all of them have their different styles in the music industry.

Thamae further explained that it is an independent music platform that intends to transform all artists to ultimately reach a productive and successful industry.

“The vision of the cypher is to become a hub for local hip-hop scene in the Southern African region as well as to show rappers that dreams do come true. To create, a network of talented artists.

We also recently organised a competition called “put me on the spotlight” where artists joined the platform by sending videos of themselves singing and rapping to show their skills and talents.

The purpose of the challenge was to connect artists, hence the name hotspot,” he noted. He said this is the third competition that they facilitated ever since the Hotspot Cypher was established.

It had begun on May 17th and ended on June 3rd. Thamae said from the previous competition, only one artist won with 84 reactions on Facebook. “This lucky winner is Matete Jworker Letseka.

His video attracted the most attention in the entire challenge,” he said. The Hotspot Cypher was founded by Molupe Motsoehli who is a digital painter and a graphic and motion graphics designer at Doops Art and Design.

His role is to design and animate all graphics related to the mandate and tasks of the project. Motsoehli disclosed to Informative Arts&Lifestyle that he was joined by Tšeliso Thamae who is an audio and visual editor and a cinematographer at INSYNCT MEDIA, he shoots and edits the Hotspot Cypher.

He said they also work with Neo Shasha who is a photographer and a cinematographer at Filmography and at the Hotspot Cypher he is the second camera operator and behind the scenes photographer for the project’s continuity and moment archival purposes.


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