The Lesotho military is improving the future of the youth

The Lesotho military is improving the future of the youth
The Lesotho military is improving the future of the youth

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Lesotho Army is committed to developing and nurturing Lesotho’s youth to prepare them to be leaders and key people who will contribute to the country’s economic growth.

The project started with a group of young people commonly known as ‘numbers,’ whom the army rounded up in villages around Maseru for the purpose of carving them, who are now called ‘Makoanyane Rangers’.

Subsequently, the Lesotho Army launched a school-based campaign to provide education and counseling to punish young children, and from 19 December 2021 to 07 January 2022 have a group of 203 girls, girls, boys and boys enter the Boot Camp.

Speaking at the group’s release ceremony on Friday, Lesotho Armed Forces Lieutenant General Mojalefa Letsoela explained that security is of paramount importance to all people and that everyone has the right to life in freedom.

He said people should live in a clean environment of mind and mouth. “We hear of killings and abuses both big and small, which are perpetrated by our children, the highest crimes in the country are committed by these children.

It is imperative that we as a military take action against them and ensure that young people return to their ways, so I thank the parents who have been optimistic about bringing their children to training here, I say to those who are still committing crimes.

law, those who challenge the military should be careful not to wait for the military to get in the way when it is no longer fun, ”Letsoela explained. Senior Training and Rehabilitation program Lt. once the 3 were released for various reasons which they had no power to prevent.

“We have taught them morals and values, patriotism and jealousy, love of the military and extremism, exercise, speech and much more and all of this is perfect and it is the duty of the Commander in Chief of the Lesotho Army,” Makoetlane said.

a rialo. He explained that the training would help them to avoid crime and night shifts, stressing that they could not use the time to do good without harassing parents and the community.

He also expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs who participated in the project as they also planned to continue to support them in the future as a similar project is implemented in other districts.

Student Lerotholi Leuta thanked the leadership and the Lesotho Army for making them people who will be good to the community, promising parents that they will be proud of them as they will no longer cry for what they did before.

He said his teammates should not behave in such a way as to ‘together’ and infiltrate with the rest of the community about the education they have received.

Parent Solomon Petlane thanked the Lesotho Army for the training, saying he wished this could be included in higher education programs as one of the courses.

“What we have seen these children do is convincing that if they are a changed people, they should report to the military every month so that you can see that they have improved,” Petlane applauded.

The ceremony, which took place at Makoanyane Stadium, was attended by parents, the military, dignitaries including former Prime Minister Dr Thomas Motsoahae Thabane and his wife ‘along with others who attended the spectacle.

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