The Matsieng community gets water

The Matsieng community gets water
The Matsieng community gets water

Africa-PressLesotho. The Minister of Water, His Excellency Nkaku Kabi, officially launched a water supply project in Matsieng and Ha-Moruthoane and presented the contracts to the public on Friday.

Mr Felix Malachamela, Director of the Urban Water Supply Department, said in a statement that the project was a development of a water supply project in the villages and suburbs and that the study was that the main pipelines of the Metolong Dam passing through such cities to be monitored and provided with water.

Malachamela said more than 140 villages were forced into 21 batches to make up about 2500 communities because one village does not make such a large population.

“The first 6 batches have been worked out including Ha-Senekane, Ha-‘Matholoana, Thaba-Bosiu, Thaba-Khupa and St. Michaels.

Ha-Moruthoane and Matsieng are the only ones that will be worked on and we have already done a study to find out what kind of supply is available, ”he said.

Malachamela pointed out that in these areas there are some villages that suffer from severe water shortages while others have made water available so this supply will not be replaced by the old one as it will come at a higher level as it will allow water to flow.

be housed. The chairperson of the water committee, Mr Sakia Matjama, indicated that his committee was in charge of the villages from Ha-Moruthoane, Majoe-matšo and Ha-phalole and that they were happy as a community and that the water supply would be included.

In addition, Matsieng Chief King Seeiso Bereng Seeiso thanked the Matsieng community for their water supply. He said the children of Matsieng should be looked after with a compassionate eye so that when the project goes to other villages, those villages will be included.

He asked that even if they were hired, they should save it as they had learned that in many places public works were hampered by the owners of the place where the work was done.

“It would be great if the branches of this water sector could come back later to spread education on the benefits and uses of water as well as resources as the public does not pay attention to resources healing everywhere.

Stop burning and trampling resources and revert to the old ways and adapt to the changes in order to save water, ”Seeiso puts it. He called on the community and the public to work hard to rehabilitate old tanks and pumps and improve the resources as water will always be a basic need as the community grows day by day.

Matsieng constituency candidate ‘Matšepo Ramakoae indicated that they have traveled as a Matsieng community to get more water under many challenges but do not collect water illegally.

“This Matsieng area has a lot of surrounding areas so I would like to ask the good staff to come back and see how we are handing over to them so that this community has access to all the water,” said Ramakoae.

He said the area still has water from springs and springs so the community does not get water from Metolong and forget about the sources because it will help them if they do not face the problem of need for rain so it should be kept safe.

Work to know how to help them improve agriculture. Ramakoae went on to call for jobs for the community, people who will be working and those in Matsieng only and not from other areas as they have the skills to do the job.

In his address, the Minister of Water Affairs, Nkaku Kabi, said they had decided as a ministry that the launch would take place at the behest and power of local government candidates in order to devolve power to the people.

He said the project would be carried out by three contractors, and the villages that would receive water included Ha-Paanya, Mafafa, Ramabele, Kholokoe, Ha-Mafa, Khubung, Matsieng, Makoabating, Makeneng, Ha-Chiboko, Ha-Phalole and on the floor.

“The work of these contractors is very big as in this area it will start from the ground up as water will be connected from the Metolong dam pipe on the road to the homes.

The expectation is that the project will be completed by December next year and the contractors will be able to complete their work, which will be completed by March next year, ”Kabi said.


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