The Ministry of Health, NACOSEC monitors operations at national borders

The Ministry of Health, NACOSEC monitors operations at national borders
The Ministry of Health, NACOSEC monitors operations at national borders

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The National Covid-19 Center (NACOSEC) and a team from the Ministry of Health visited the Maseru border to assess the state of service provided by Lesotho Border Management Services (LBMS) during the holiday season. of Christmas.

The Minister of Health, His Excellency Semano Sekatle, stated that the purpose of the visit to the Maseru border was to see how they would operate at a time when Basotho working and living in South Africa were coming inland.

in abundance. He pointed out that it is not only at the Maseru border where they will conduct inspections but also at other ports including Maputsoe, Botha-Bothe and wherever the Basotho community enters when they come inland.

“We will go to all illegal border crossings where the Basotho community enters, especially Quthing, Tele, Qacha’s Nek and Sani Pass.

We will try to appoint people who will help, and the first big issue is that all non-vaccinated people are vaccinated when they come in or out of the country, the second is that everyone when they come in in the country to be tested for Covid-19 symptoms or for a new Omicron to get help.

All people who have problems should go to the hospital, ”he said. Mr Sekatle said they had been briefed by LBMS staff that staff were understaffed and wanted to make sure they added staff so that they would not have any problems during the Christmas holidays.

He said they had already consulted with partners in South Africa to ensure that all migrants in the country were screened. He pointed out that it would be very soon to add staff to facilitate the work.

Meanwhile, the nurse in charge of nurses working at the Maseru border, Ms Maipato Sekasha Makhele explained that they had asked the department to increase staff as they were too weak.

He pointed out that they especially need people to register, diagnose and rehabilitate people who may be diagnosed with Covid-19. He said only 12 nurses are currently available. He added that they had asked for tents so that when it rained people could vaccinate and inspect them safely.

“The number of people infected with the virus has soared this week, with one person per day but this week about eight to ten people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 symptoms,” a rialo.

World Health Organization (WHO) Representative Dr Richard Banda explained that there is a new virus that has not yet been introduced in the country, so he said that there must be strategies in place to prevent it.

the virus enters the interior. He said they would strengthen the long-standing measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, which is to wash hands often, put on masks and keep people in their place. He said the measures were working and urged the public to continue using them as their weapons of protection against the epidemic.

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