The pope protects agricultural land

The pope protects agricultural land
The pope protects agricultural land

Africa-Press – Lesotho. The Minister of Local Government and Traditional Affairs, Hon. This move has been brought about by the challenge of recently changing agricultural land for housing.

In his remarks, Mr. Rapapa said that he will be working with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Mr. Likopo Mahase, on this task. The pope said agriculture was the backbone of every country’s economy but that housing seemed to be building up rapidly in agricultural areas.

He also pointed out that if agricultural land is not conserved, Lesotho will face food insecurity as it faces the challenge of food insecurity. He also pointed out that the misuse of agricultural land was depleting the country’s economy as Lesotho was heavily dependent on agriculture, adding that it was important to take strong action against people who illegally allocated agricultural land.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and the Local Government and Traditional Affairs will work together to protect agricultural land throughout the country, this process has already started in the Mohlakeng and Fika and Telephone Local Government (Mazenod).

This process is being conducted in accordance with section (4) of the (Land Husbandry) Act of 1969 which gives primary courts and chiefs the opportunity to play a major role in the protection of agricultural land, ”he said.

Rapapa advised the public and Local Government Councils to recognize that there is a change in the use of agricultural land which will be blessed by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security before moving on to the blessing of the last Minister of Local Government and Traditional Affairs.

He indicated that the allocation of land for cannabis production projects would be done after the Minister of Health, Agriculture and Food Security, Local Government and the Monarchy blessed such an initiative.

Continuing his case, Rapapa said the issue included that people who transfer their land rights, transfer them and their purposes, and asked them to do what they have already been granted.

“The government will arrest all violators regardless of their status, whether Mosotho or a foreigner, as long as a person violates the conditions relating to land redistribution. This will also be done by the Land Court which will work hard to prosecute anyone who violates the Land Act of 2010.

These matters will be dealt with in accordance with sections 81 to 85 of the Act and Judgments will be given to all landowners and illegal occupiers of agricultural land, ”he said.

In concluding, Honorable Rapapa urged the Chiefs to include education to other chiefs to overcome this problem of misuse of agricultural land as it appears to be a major challenge facing the country.

He also appealed to the kings to protect the pastures and plains against the distribution of land. He appealed to the Primary Courts to educate the public on land conservation and to take action against those who do not adhere to such a plan. Rapapa urged Basotho not to sell their agricultural land but to use it for agricultural purposes with a view to growing the country’s economy.

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