The Qalabane community receives a water tank

The Qalabane community receives a water tank
The Qalabane community receives a water tank

Africa-Press – Lesotho. To lead the celebration of the International Day of Refugees which is celebrated annually on 20 June, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave birth to the Qalabane community, Ha Mohlehli cow by donating a water tank on Tuesday.

The purpose of this action is to prevent refugees in the area, as it is felt that the population is moving in large numbers due to the need for water.

Home Affairs Secretary, Hon. of Lesotho, of migrants. Raboletse went on to say that some of the conditions that motivated them to leave the areas were war, drought and poverty.

“In this case, these issues have affected us so much that people believe that the cause of the floods is human violence,” he said.

He said that as a result of the loneliness caused by the Corona epidemic, international organizations realized that Lesotho was involved and decided to contribute to the government to see how it would address the socially divisive population.

many leave the places where they live unintentionally. The King of Qalabane King Sekhobe Mohlehli expressed great satisfaction with what the department in its refugee department has done for his community by providing a water tank that will help supply at least three villages.

The facilitator went on to say that water is a very important part of human life because when society suffers from water, it can lead to various diseases.

Mr Mohlolo Lerotholi, Director of the Department of Refugees, said the 2009 international policy, of which Lesotho is a party and directs the Ministry of Home Affairs, indicated that the drought could also be a major contributor to refugee issues, especially if the climate has changed and people are moving from place to place.

Ha Mohlehli resident Ms ‘Mampolokeng Sefuthi reported that water was their greatest demand within the village, especially during the drought. “We even fetched water from the camps and the challenge was that it was not clean and could not make us sick,” he said.

The Minister of Home Affairs and Member of Parliament for Qalabane Constituency # 55 Honorable Motlalentoa Letsosa said that the money that is being spent on this work comes from the Organization of African Unity because Lesotho is a member.

He said within the organization there is a department that works for refugees. He explained that the two groups of refugees, who were internally displaced, were still internally displaced.

He clarified that the task of providing water to the community is done by the Ministry of Water but, what they are doing, they are doing it as aids according to the needs of that community.

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