The Semonkong community presents its challenges

The Semonkong community presents its challenges
The Semonkong community presents its challenges

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Teachers, Kings and parents of children from schools in the Semonkong area are asking for additional classrooms and the construction of bridges in the event of heavy rains.

In an interview with Voice of the Nation, Teacher at Tsenekeng Primary School Mr Makepe Mashea explained that the biggest problem was with classrooms that do not have enough groups of students.

He further added that the problem arises on the part of school cooks as they are not paid on time and called on those responsible to take the matter on time. Mr Mashea also explained that they did not have a problem with the need for a road.

Tsenekeng School Board Member Mr Kobeli Adoro explained that their area is far from the city and it is a journey to get services, so he appealed to all service providers to bring them closer to their communities.

They are also asking for more classrooms as there are too few in Tshenekeng school. Tshenekeng local government candidate Mr Lekhula Ntai said the problem facing the local community was that many women were unable to obtain identity documents due to lack of marriage licenses.

Mr. Ntai also explained that the Chiefs have a serious problem of not having the paperwork and books to help the community as they buy them from their own pockets, and in the end the community suffers when they are told to bring paper when they are not.

come to services. He concluded by asking for water and toilets and building bridges for the safety of children and to ensure that the community is not taken away by flooded rivers.

On the other side of Semonkong, in the Ha Seleso area of ​​Ha Seng village, local government candidate Ms ‘Masaene Naso said they have a shortage of roads.

He also said that the water supply was non-existent. Another problem is the need for nurses at Seng Health Center as the number of attendees is small.

Ms Naso appealed to the elderly and the elderly to be approached with their salaries, not just to stay in Semonkong Kampong as is happening, explaining that the problem of them getting too close was described as bad.

In the case of schools, he explained that students attend churches while others share classrooms as several groups. King of Ha Seng King Mathe Letsie confirms that the road problem is serious because the community is unable to access services near the villages due to the lack of roads.

Mr Letsie appealed to authorities to request the Ha Seng police station, as crimes involving animal theft and murder were rampant. He appealed for higher education as he explained that the existing schools were only primary and most of them joined the churches because they needed facilities.

In another village in Semonkong, Leteketa Local Chief Inkosi Lekhotla Sekoala said that since their village is in Semonkong town, they have a power supply but it is switched off at 10pm and will be resumed at 7pm.

in the morning: he explained that the issue is a blood feud because the crimes are committed during the dark hours so they ask for an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Mr Sekoala said killings and thefts of animals and giants were at the forefront.

Local government candidate and Deputy Chairman of the Remnant A01 and When Leteketa Mr Montoeli Letuma described the problem as roads, water and electricity were not available: he said in the Semonkong market they had asked for water and electricity supply but until the top one has not yet entered.

He explained that one of the problems was land disputes by the people as some were the ones who had been allocated land by the kings long ago and they did not build it out of date and ended up transferring it to other people, which is where the controversy comes. which explodes there.

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