The SOS Home is requesting additional support

The SOS Home is requesting additional support
The SOS Home is requesting additional support

Africa-PressLesotho. The Hands of Life Mafeteng Bicycle Association, at the request of the SOS Quthing Orphanage, is launching a campaign to collect blankets and mattresses in a “keep baby warm” cycling campaign that started on Monday. one. The campaign will end on July 31 next year.

The founder and CEO of Hands of Life, Mr Tshepo Nkhabu, in an exclusive interview with the Voice of the Nation newspaper on Thursday, explained that his organization was approached by SOS Quthing, asking for help with blankets.

as there seems to be a shortage of them this winter. “It said that when we heard about the tragedy of the children being cold and needing blankets, we as an organization decided to go out on a campaign to speak to the Basotho, setting ourselves a target to collect 200 blankets.

Several bicycles within Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek and Quthing districts to respond to the needs of children under the care of the SOS home in Quthing and Maseru, ”Nkhabu explained.

Nkhabu said it was the organisation’s idea for the campaign to end when they did not receive the necessary equipment, so every Friday of the week they left the campaign to go to nearby villages on bicycles, going from house to house asking for help.

and to talk to the businessmen, when on some days the work they do on foot. He pointed out that the children living in the home were Basotho and part of the country, saying it was their responsibility to respond to the needs of every Mosotho through the services they provide.

He went on to point out that to date the work has been successfully and successfully completed with the support of 20 volunteers but they are appealing to everyone to contribute to the campaign.

“We are asking the Basotho to give everything they can to help the children but the main ones are blankets and mattresses.

It is the organisation’s intention to include all the goods already collected at the home next Tuesday where we will be interviewing local businesses and Basotho to contribute to public services.

This will also make the organization aware of the services provided by SOS and provide them with the opportunity to interact with and discuss with children the constructive issues that involve them in the effective use of bicycles, works of art and sports, ”he said.

SOS Quthing Children and Youth Coordinator Ms Mamatete Letsoso said the home was in dire need of blankets, mattresses and bedding and was making applications everywhere for help as well as at various centers.

announcements. “In this application the Hands of Life organization expressed interest in helping us by collecting and storing all our necessities on bicycles.

We are very happy with what this organization is doing for us as we are always welcoming new children and the agreement is that SOS will collect all the items collected by Hands of Life at all the collection centers, ”Letsoso said.

He asked people of good will to help them with everything they could, including children’s clothes as it was one of the ‘basic’ needs. He said that as a result of the corona’s death, their donors appeared to be concerned and were slowly losing weight, which is why they would consider taking the initiative.


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