The thrills of local art

The thrills of local art
The thrills of local art

Africa-Press – Lesotho. A graphic designer Thetso Letsepe attests that as small as Lesotho is, there are visible footprints of artistic work in the country. Art has debatably been tailing the development of the country and has mocked power

and authority both within and beyond the world of creativity. “Art is growing very rapidly in Lesotho, from educated to self-taught artists, it is a growing industry but it does not have a proper platform for recognition,

however artists independently strive day in and day out to get themselves out there and have their artwork noticed,” noted Letsepe. He said unemployment has instead turned into an

opportunity for young individuals in the local art as it forced them to think outside the box and find a way to monetize their craft. The Centre for Accounting Studies (CAS) student Katleho ‘Muso said he has seen

shortage of employment as early as during his high school years at ‘Mabathoana High School. He indicated that he did not think of anything other than unemployment while still at that age.

“When I was in high school I would always think about the future, seeing people with degrees at home with no luck or hope for work.

It had me thinking all the way until I enrolled with the institution, art was the only possible developmental aspect I saw while still at CAS,” clarified ‘Muso.

He indicated that he produces customised products for the good of other businesses being earrings and key holders. He mentioned that he has seen a need for unique

earrings and that is what fascinated him to start something unique. “I found a desire to make the best out of the best,” said ‘Muso. A young architect Ithabeleng Mpapea has also revealed to Informative Arts&Lifestyle

how his drawing has provided empowerment to other people. For him, starting design was a way of fulfilling his dream. Mpapea indicated that he has always been

interested in drawing, building houses using mud and enjoying basic hand crafts at high school level. His progression into a career of architecture seemed

naturally fulfilling his desire to combine creativity with practicality. An artist and crafter Relebohile Moeno mentioned that as she was a high school

student, she studied Basic Handy Crafts and had passion for handy work so she started to recycle things in order to make jewelleries, earrings, bracelets, necklaces

and decorative art. “I get stimulated by colourful shades and paints. I never knew that within me was an artist waiting to be born,” she noted. To gain more inspiration, Moeno attended the Nala Community Market event in 2016

where artists and crafters were invited every month to showcase their work and also sell. She mentioned that around the same year she met an individual who

taught her how to make jewellery using leather, planks, strings, beads and a couple of things. She added that her biggest dream is for Lesotho to recognize arts.

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