Thethana introduces new sizzling winter range

Thethana introduces new sizzling winter range
Thethana introduces new sizzling winter range

Africa-PressLesotho. A local clothing brand signally known as Thethana has introduced a new sizzling winter clothing collection. In an interview with Informative Newspaper, the Creative Founders of Thethana; ‘Malerotholi Maseribane

and Nkotseng Moleko unveiled that the winter range is all things regal and elegant. “It was designed for women who want to make a statement in any room

they walk into, women who love dressing up and being different”. Maseribane indicated that this winter collectioncan be worn by women of different shapes, ages and sizes and are targeted at a more

mature high end market. “This clothes are meant to be comfortable and well-fitting while accentuating all the right places of any body type,” she said.

She further disclosed that the winter collection consists of coats, dresses and tops. She highlighted that every piece is seasonal, so by the time summer comes the

clients will still enjoy wearing their Thethana garments. “Our clothes are extremely fancy and innovative, so people should expect a lot of bold rich colors and play of patterns and silhouettes.

Our clients will surely like our different styles and material, the way they are designed and layered,” Maseribane said. Thethana is an African inspired Fashion Brand that offers unique and versatile clothing pieces

for the modern woman. Thethana’s inspiration is derived from many things around its founding partners but they are mostly inspired by the Sesotho heritage, the

prints, colors and silhouettes. “We aim to produce beautiful and innovative clothing pieces and accessories that can be appreciated by women of all ages and sizes,” said Moleko.

She said they decided to call their brand Thethana because they had a concept of this skirt/top that could be worn in different ways, “it looked very much like the

traditional Thethana skirt. It was also fitting because the Thethana skirt is worn by Basotho girls and women and that’s who they specifically design their clothes

for”. What makes Thethana unique is the fact that they have taken the Seshoeshoe fabric and modernized it to be worn as a fun fashionable everyday item, instead of something that is

worn on certain – traditional occasions. The Co-founders decided to incorporate Basotho culture in their brand because they firmly believe it is time for Basotho to start appreciating their own heritage and be proud of

wearing locally made items. Therefore, they create pieces that are fun to wear, so that young people can feel included and not forget their culture. Find Thethana on social media platforms: www. thethana. com, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: Thethana, contact: 57733354/63608857/58789271.


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